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MLB Power Rankings: Colorado Rockies

[1]For one week the Colorado Rockies are the best team in baseball. At 5-1 the Rockies lead MLB in scoring and are fifth in ERA. The Rockies have averaged 6.5 runs per game. It also helps that the Rockies played the Milwaukee Brewers and San Diego Padres. This is April and no wins a World Series now, but these games do help you make the playoffs in September.

Baseball is a game of attrition, with 162-games teams slowly weed themselves out over the season. Yet this was opening week of baseball and every team is optimistic and full of hope, unless you are the Padres, Brewers, Houston Astros or the Miami Marlins.

100Colorado Rockies5115
200Oakland Athletics5237
300Atlanta Braves5194
400Cinncinnati Reds4228
500New York Mets4282
600Boston Red Sox42710
700Arizona Diamondbacks51616
800St. Louis Cardinals33511
900Texas Rangers42149
1000Chicago White Sox42213
1100Minnesota Twins421213
1200Los Angeles Dodgers42251
1300Cleveland Indians331112
1400Baltimore Orioles33423
1500Kansas City Royals331018
1600Seattle Mariners341321
1700Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim241815
1800Washington Nationals422319
1900Detroit Tigers331922
2000San Francisco Giants332617
2100Tampa Bay Rays331627
2200Pittsburgh Pirates15306
2300Chicago Cubs242914
2400New York Yankees241726
2500Toronto Blue Jays242024
2600Philadelphia Phillies241530
2700Miami Marlins152820
2800Houston Astros152425
2900Milwaukee Brewers152228
3000San Diego Padres152729