MLB Power Rankings: Cardinals Get Even Better

The St. Louis Cardinals are 18-games above .500, have the best pitching staff in baseball, sixth best offense and sit on top of the power rankings. The Cardinals don’t look like they are slowing down any time soon. They had 15-wins in April, 20-wins in May and four wins so far in the first week of June.

The Tampa Bay Rays moved up three spots to 13th in the league. May was great month for the Rays but June could dampen their spirits. The Rays are 2-3 so far in June, they won 18-games in May.

110St. Louis Cardinals392161
242Boston Red Sox3724110
352Atlanta Braves3723122
43-1Cinncinnati Reds362494
62-4Texas Rangers3623105
5116Oakland Athletics3725511
770Detroit Tigers322637
880New York Yankees3525169
990Arizona Diamondbacks34261112
106-4Pittsburgh Pirates3525263
1210-2Colorado Rockies3229416
11143Baltimore Orioles3426227
13163Tampa Bay Rays3227723
1412-2San Francisco Giants31281519
1513-2Cleveland Indians3029826
16215Philadelphia Phillies31302217
1715-2Washington Nationals2930298
18202San Diego Padres28321721
19190Kansas City Royals2532256
2018-2Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim26341322
21265Minnesota Twins26311824
22231Chicago Cubs24332015
23241Los Angeles Dodgers26332714
2417-7Chicago White Sox25332813
2622-4Toronto Blue Jays25341428
25250Seattle Mariners26352420
27270New York Mets23332325
28280Milwaukee Brewers22372129
29290Houston Astros22391930
30300Miami Marlins16443018


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