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MLB Power Rankings: Cardinals #1

[1]The St. Louis Cardinals have the best record in baseball at 20-11. The also have the best pitching staff and score the seventh most runs in the league. The Cardinals continue dominate as their roster turns over each year. Even when Tony La Russa retired the Cardinals made the playoffs in 2012. In a division with the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers the Cardinals will continue to pad their stats.

165St. Louis Cardinals201171
297Detroit Tigers191125
31-2Boston Red Sox2111510
42-2Texas Rangers2012112
550Atlanta Braves1912143
64-2Cinncinnati Reds181566
781Baltimore Orioles1913416
83-5Colorado Rockies1813314
9123San Francisco Giants19131012
107-3Arizona Diamondbacks171599
1110-1Oakland Athletics1815122
12142Kansas City Royals1711224
13130New York Yankees18121615
1411-3Pittsburgh Pirates17141813
15249Cleveland Indians1514819
1615-1Washington Nationals1715277
17170Tampa Bay Rays14171225
18224Chicago White Sox1317298
1916-3Milwaukee Brewers14161527
2018-2New York Mets12161324
21254Seattle Mariners15182520
22297San Diego Padres14181923
2321-2Chicago Cubs12202311
2419-5Minnesota Twins13152617
2520-5Philadelphia Phillies15182426
2623-3Los Angeles Dodgers13182821
2726-1Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim11201729
28280Toronto Blue Jays12212028
29301Miami Marlins10233018
3027-3Houston Astros8242130