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MLB Power Rankings: Braves, Red Sox, Rockies

[1]The movement in the MLB power rankings is insane in the first few weeks unless you are the Atlanta Braves. At 13-5 the Braves have the best pitching staff in baseball with the 14th best offense in the league. If the other team can’t get on base the job of the offense is made very easy.

The Colorado Rockies are tied with the Braves for the best record in baseball and they have the opposite skill set. The Rockies are seconded in runs scored and are 15th in ERA. The Cincinnati Reds might be the most complete team with the best offense in the league and the ninth ranked pitching staff.

110Atlanta Braves135141
275Boston Red Sox12683
396Colorado Rockies135215
41410Cinncinnati Reds11819
583Texas Rangers126132
62-4Oakland Athletics127313
74-3St. Louis Cardinals10858
86-2San Francisco Giants127914
95-4Arizona Diamondbacks108107
10166New York Yankees107718
11121Baltimore Orioles108619
1210-2Kansas City Royals107215
13185Pittsburgh Pirates108224
1411-3Detroit Tigers991212
153-12New York Mets98421
1615-1Washington Nationals1081820
172912Milwaukee Brewers981922
18224Chicago White Sox711276
19245Minnesota Twins872416
2013-7Los Angeles Dodgers8102911
21265Tampa Bay Rays8102317
22231Cleveland Indians7101128
23274Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim7101625
24251Toronto Blue Jays8111729
2520-5Philadelphia Phillies8112027
2621-5Chicago Cubs5122810
2717-10Houston Astros5131530
2819-9Seattle Mariners7132626
29301San Diego Padres5132523
3028-2Miami Marlins4153024