MLB Power Rankings: Atlanta Braves #1

How bad are the Tampa Bay Rays? The Rays are 27th in runs scored and 21st in ERA. Rays fans knew that scoring runs would be hard this season but fans didn’t expect pitching to be an issue. The Rays Schedule doesn’t get any easier after Boston as they head to Baltimore to face the Orioles.

The Atlanta Braves are dominating the opening of the 2013 MLB season with an 11-1 record. The Braves are first in the league in ERA and 10th in runs scored. The Braves appear to be back to their old tricks with solid pitching and timely hits. The Braves destroyed the Washington Nationals Sunday 9-0, up next for the Braves are the Kansas City Royals.

132Atlanta Braves111101
220Oakland Athletics9416
352New York Mets7427
484St. Louis Cardinals7535
572Arizona Diamondbacks84512
62014San Francisco Giants94119
76-1Boston Red Sox74154
891Texas Rangers85183
91-8Colorado Rockies84420
10155Kansas City Royals75148
11198Detroit Tigers75718
12142Baltimore Orioles65914
1312-1Los Angeles Dodgers75262
144-10Cinncinnati Reds57616
15183Washington Nationals751715
16248New York Yankees55822
172811Houston Astros481219
18224Pittsburgh Pirates662910
1916-3Seattle Mariners681325
20266Philadelphia Phillies661626
21232Chicago Cubs482511
2210-12Chicago White Sox572317
2313-10Cleveland Indians561924
2411-13Minnesota Twins472223
25250Toronto Blue Jays572029
2621-5Tampa Bay Rays472721
2717-10Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim482128
2827-1Miami Marlins2103013
29290Milwaukee Brewers382827
30300San Diego Padres2102430

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