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MLB Looking In To Instant Replays

MLB_Umpires_2013Major League Baseball will roll out instant-replay testing in the Arizona Fall League next week, the first step toward the planned implementation of a widely expanded replay program for the 2014 season, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Currently, MLB plans to institute replay on a far wider scale than the current system, which covers only home runs.

The initial plan includes manager challenges reviewed by a central replay office in New York, and the league plans on thorough testing in the fall league, perhaps even reviewing plays that are fairly obvious just to establish baselines for how long a particular play takes in practice to review.

The testing is likely to determine the method by which managers challenge, whether it's a challenge flag, like the NFL, or simply stepping out of the dugout to inform the umpires that they want to ask for replay.

The plan includes one manager challenge in the first six innings and two over the final three innings, though depending on what testing shows, that, too could be amended.

Source:?Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports


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