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Joe Maddon A BelieverIn September Roster Limits

Should MLB Limit Roster Size In September?

Los Angeles Angels Manager Mike Scioscia is a fan of the National Hockey League and specifically theleaguesrule on expanding rosters which he would like Major League Baseball to adopt. Scioscia is not alone in his desire to see the rule changed as Rays Manager Joe Maddon also believes in setting roster sizes in September.


As the calender turns from August to September roster sizes in baseball can expand from the former 25-man limit up to 40-men.Scioscia tells Abby Mastracco of FoxSporsts West that he would like baseball to adopt the NHL model of roster expansion.

"The one idea that I've really backed is the idea almost like hockey, when you call up and expand your roster to 37 but every given night you can only dress 30," the Angels' manager said. "I think you would lock the roster in as of September 1, those guys would have to dress every day, and then out of the added guys you have five guys that could dress on any given night and I think that would make it a little more equitable for match-ups."

He believes that the roster size should be balanced for each team."Just for competitive balance, you should dress the same amount of guys and it should be regulated by the league."

Tampa Bay Rays manger Joe Maddon is also a believer inlimiting the roster size in September."I like a limited pool of players on a nightly basis, I agree with him [Scioscia]." Maddon said. "From our perspective on an annual basis we've been that group that we're more in the thick of things so sometimes it would bother you to see the other teams be able to match up so much versus you."

When arguing for competitive balance he is quick to point out that an expanded roster does help both teams to an extent. "By the same token then you have more ability to pinch run or do different things but you're probably less apt to utilize all your guys more because your more in a command position as opposed to an inferior position."

Like Scioscia he doesn't mind any team expanding all the way up to the maximum 40-players but believes that their should be limits placed on the number of active players each night. "Thirty might be a goodmaximumnumber but I even think that might bea bit toohigh."

When asked if he believes that the rule is something that might get changed during the next Collective Bargaining Agreement Maddon said, "I'm betting it will not get changed unless Scioscia is on the committee."


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