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Mike Wallace On The Dolphins Offense

Miami Dolphins wide Receiver Mike Wallace spoke with the media Tuesday on the capability of the offense and on what this group needs to do to make it a winning team.

(On experiencing his first rain storm at practice) Yeah I forgot about that part when I came here, but its all a part of it so its fine.

(On whether he has learned about the new group of receivers since hes been here, specifically Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson) I learned about those two guys that they look a lot better on the field than in off-season drills. They looked a little slow out there but then they get on the field and theyre a lot faster on the field than in workouts.

(On whether he thinks he and Ryan Tannehill will need an adjustment period) Well be fine. It was the first day that we ever went at it with guys defending us. Its always going to take a little time just being on the field running routes, but by the end of OTAs well be fine.

(On the capability of the offense) We can do anything, anything you go out there and work for. Everybody is going to work hard and come to work every day, and as long as we keep going in that direction, the sky is the limit.

(On how the fast pace of the offense will be helpful)- Oh it will be helpful for us. Once I get used to it, I thought I was in pretty good shape before today. It is really different just going out there and not really getting a break. Its so up tempo and so fast paced, you just have to get used to it, be able to catch your breath and stay locked in because when you get fatigued things happen sometimes. Youve just got to get in good football shape, even better football shape than I was before.

(On what this group needs to do to make it a winning team) We just have to stay hungry like we are. I feel like every day, everybody comes in with a great attitude and really works. Were a young team, so thats all we know. Everybody has the college mentality around here, so its a lot different coming from where I come from with the older guys. I think everybody is hungry, everybody wants to get better, and everybody wants to be what we need to be to have a winning record.

(On what it was like for him going up against Brent Grimes) It was cool, man. I like Brent. I liked him as a player before I ever got here. Its a little different going (against) a guy so short. One time Hartline thought he was falling down but he was actually just back peddling, so he's just short. But its cool though, he's one of the most athletics guys Ive ever seen. He can jump, he can run, he can do it all. He plays a lot bigger than his height.

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