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Marlins, Jonathan Vilma Are In A Legal Fight

Miami Marlins LogoThe New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma is part owner of a barbecue restaurant chain called Brother Jimmys. Until recently there was a Brother Jimmys in Marlins Park in Miami. Now there isnt and the Marlins and Vilmas restaurant have filed lawsuits at one another.

The upshot: the Marlins say that Brother Jimmys never paid a $75,000 sponsorship fee it owed the team to be in the ballpark. Brother Jimmys claims no agreement was ever reached and, even if one was, the Marlins and their concession operator totally botched the operation of the franchise by making bad food and providing crappy service, which hurts the Brother Jimmys brand. And then theres this:

Brother Jimmys and Vilma also claim the Marlins made promises that attendance for the new ballpark would average 28,000 per game for the 2012 season, a mark that wasnt hit. They unfortunately sold us a dream, the attendance wasnt what they were marketing to us, it was probably a fraction of that, Vilma said.

Source: Hardball Talk


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