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Mark Sanchez On His Future With The Jets

New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez spoke with the media Wednesday about his future with the Jets and the current QB situation.

On his feelings on the quarterback change?

I respect Coach?s decision. Obviously, I want to be out there playing, so I don?t necessarily agree with it, but when something like that happens, I just do my best to support Greg (McElroy) and support the team and get him ready to play. Then, obviously, prepare like the starter in case I need to go in there.

On he feels undermined by the organization?

I don?t know about all that. I feel like I need to play better and put our team in a better situation and take care of the football better.

On if he knows what his role will be on Sunday?

I?m assuming just charting plays and being there to support Greg and helping him out in any way I can.

On if he?ll be the backup quarterback on Sunday?

I don?t know. We haven?t been told that, so I?m not sure.

On if he?s considered the fact that he could?ve taken his last snap of the season?

We?re just taking it week to week, so I?ll be ready to play. Obviously, I?m supporting Greg this week. If anything happens, I?ll get in there and then we?ll take next week in stride when we get there.

On what he saw on film?

Pretty much the same things I said after the game, a missed throw, a pretty good play by a defender on another one and a then a couple of tough decisions there. So (there are) some things that I can clean up, and hopefully play better when I get in there.

On whether he saw the quarterback change coming?

I don?t know. I just didn?t play well and that was Rex?s (Coach Ryan) call.

On whether he?s frustrated?

Well, it?s disappointing. You just hate letting other guys down on the team and that?s the worst part of it. You?re going in there, trying to play well and improve and (I) just made some bad decisions. I just have to take care of the football better and own up to my mistakes and get better.

On how the season has been for him?

It?s been a tough one, but we have two games left and we?re really focused on just going out and playing well. (We?re) playing for a little bit of pride here, trying to get back to .500, and whatever that means for me personally, just helping Greg as much as I can and then be ready for my next shot.

On if he?s had any discussion about his future as a quarterback?

No. We haven?t looked ahead that way yet.

On if he still thinks he?ll have a chance as a starting quarterback?

Sure, absolutely. And you have to feel that way and be confident as a quarterback, no matter how many interceptions or touchdowns or anything you?ve thrown. (I) just have to be ready to come back strong and I will.

On if he believes he deserved another shot?

I mean, you want to be out there playing, I?m not going just to concede it. You have to compete, so (I) just (have to) keep on doing it.

On Coach Ryan speaking to him about the quarterback change after the game on Monday?

Yeah, in the locker room. We just talked, (we) spoke briefly. He let me know what his decision would be and that was that.

On what he thought of Coach Ryan pulling him aside to discuss the quarterback change?

I don?t know. I appreciated he wanted to sit down and talk about it. So we had a good conversation about plenty of things.

On when Coach Ryan told him about the quarterback change?

It was right after the game.

On if he wants to stay with the Jets?

Of course, we want to win this week. That?s all I?m worried about, I?m not worried about anything else.

On if he?s thought about his future?

I really haven?t gone there in my mind. So I?m really not worried about that. I?m focused on helping Greg as much as I can this week and helping this team win in any way I can.

On if at some point he?ll dissect his situation back to when he was drafted?

I don?t know about all that. I really haven?t started to do any of that kind of stuff yet and like I said, I?m focused on this week, trying to help Greg and that?s where my head?s at.

On if he feels like the organization has given up on him?

I don?t know about that. Rex went with the decision to go with Greg and I respect his decision, I don?t necessarily agree, but at the same time I have to help Greg and that?s really all I?m focused on.

On if he?s concerned with the death threat made to him on Twitter?

I?m not going to comment on that.

On if Coach Ryan told him that McElroy was starting when they spoke after the game?

That?s a good question. What did he say? I don?t remember. I don?t know.

On why he would want to stay a Jet?

Look, I?m not going to get into hypotheticals of me being here, not being here, whatever. We?re focused on this week, we?re ready to play San Diego and that?s where my mind?s at, so any question about what?s going to happen next year, are you going to be a starter ever again, I?m not even going to go there.

On what gives him the confidence that he?ll be able to bounce back?

That?s just the competitor in me. A guy who?s done it before and won at the highest level. I feel like I just haven?t played my best recently. I?ll get to the bottom of it and figure it out and improve.

On how much of his struggles he would attribute to a lack of weapons around him?

I?m not going to make excuses. At the end of the day, no matter what kind of situation you?re in, the quarterback has the ball and it?s my job to make good decisions with the football, regardless of personnel situations, who?s in the quarterback room, that stuff, I?m not going to go there. Is every interception the quarterback?s fault? Of course not, but they?re attributed to the quarterback, it goes as my stat and you live with that, you own up to your side of the mistakes and you move on.

On the process of putting Tebow in?

They just signal the personnel. There?s no rocket science behind it. It?s pretty simple.

On if he knew Tebow was going to play the third series?

They just told me he was going to go in for the third series. Once the third series came, I knew Tim was going in.

On his reaction when Coach Ryan told him he was not the starter?

There?s a ton of emotions going through your mind. I guess at the forefront it?s just disappointment. You?re upset. I?m frustrated with my play and some of the decisions I?ve made. Not just for myself, but for the team. You don?t want to (let them down). We had a chance to win that game a couple of times and that hurts. Losing hurts and playing poorly hurts. I think that?s really it. At the end of the day, you have to come back strong and stay as positive as possible and support Greg like I said, I will, and be in his corner.

On if he talked to Coach Ryan about the decision?

We talked for a while about it. It?s not like a debate. He?s the head man and he makes the decisions, so that?s how it goes.

On if he knew there was going to be a quarterback change if he had turnovers on Monday?

I didn?t try and let my mind wander there. I don?t think negatively like that. I didn?t anticipate that happening on Monday. I feel like no matter what, we have a chance to win. I didn?t think like that.

On how things have changed?

It?s different than what I expected back in August, but it will somehow work out and make me better and stronger and hopefully make this team stronger and figure out a way to turn it around.

On if he can benefit from taking a step back?

I don?t know. I?ve heard that angle of it but all I?ve known is playing. That?s what you want to do. If there is something to be learned from this experience, I?ll definitely do my best to do that and try and remember it the next time I?m playing. I?d love to be out there.

On talking to the media after the game on Monday?

I?m still upset at the way I played. That will never change. At some point, you have to move on to the next deal here and that?s San Diego.

On putting situations behind him?

Whenever that happens you just have to be ready for it. Whether it?s at some point during this game or next week or next season, you just have to be ready to go.

On if got any reps in practice?

We did some scout team stuff and seven-on-seven.

On taking scout team reps in practice?

I haven?t done card stuff in a long time. I haven?t done scout team cards in a long time so it?s a little different.

On if he thought about this being the last time he plays for the Jets?

No way.

On if he was annoyed with the questions after the game on Monday?

No, I was just upset at the way I played more than anything.

On if it went through his head during the game that he might not be the starter on Sunday?

No, you?re thinking about a million things during the game. That?s not in my mind.

On if he was surprised McElroy was named the starter?

It?s Rex?s call. My opinion doesn?t matter.

On if he?s received support the last 48 hours?

There?s a bunch of support out there, just family and friends. They know I?m going through a tough time and they?ve seen me play better and they?ve seen me win, so they know I can get back there. That?s what I?m focused on.

On if he?s hit rock bottom?

I have no idea.

On his two straight completions in the third quarter?

It was a good start. Any time you put completions together like that you feel great. You just kind of get hot there. (It?s) just like a jump shooter, you hit a couple in a row and you want the ball. It was a good feeling.

On not being in the lineup for the next play?

That?s not my call.

Source: New York Jets Media


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