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Mariotti Show Replay: Tuesday, Feb. 18th

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Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on February 18, 2014.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: February 18, 2014:
– Hold Moscow protest over waved-off goal
– Bring cheese graters, want to shred U.S.-born ref
– What a laugh: U.S. truly screwed in 1972 basketball
– Yes, Quick nudged net off moorings. But intentional?
– Russia hockey had regulation, OT and shootout
– U.S. basketball team was burned by corruption
– Putin joins fray, calls U.S. victory lucky
– This is karmatic payback

– No miracle this time, all skill
– Will be difficult, but chance at goal
– Oshie huge in Sochi, and U.S.
– Kessel and his line dominating
– Byslma made right goalie call with Quick
– USA Hockey brilliant for Oshie inclusion
– Czech Republic, not easy in quarters
– Then Canada, possibly Sweden
– If win, no one can question our hockey might

– Big names bombed out
– Davis-White won in ice dancing
– Shani Davis, Shaun White did not
– Too much corporate overhyping
– Ratings down, hockey will help
– Even Bode was damaged by bad NBC interview
– Vancouver success was a mirage
– We’re not an ice-snow-sports nation

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1040/JMS218141.mp3 [1]


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: February 18, 2014:
– Incognito still doesn’t get it, never will
– He’s Tweeting more apologies
– Disturbed human being, worried for him
– Dolphins knew, didn’t help Martin
– How does Philbin still have a job
– Disturbing number of teammates backed Incognito
– NFL should ban him for life, but legal issues
– Can’t keep him in league amid Michael Sam entry

– NBC Sports Radio analyst talks LeBron’s future
– Doesn’t see him in Cleveland, maybe elsewhere
– Who is on Stan’s Mt. Rushmore?
– Durant joined by Westbrook — title ahead?
– Are Heat doomed because of defense, Wade?
– Are we taking Clippers seriously enough?
– Can his old big man Howard take next step?
– Why is Jason Collins still unemployed?
– His teams would have no problem with gay player

– LeBron still could leave Miami
– LeBron-Durant great way to start second half
– They should play a little D in All-Star Game
– Pacers, Heat don’t play each other enough

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1040/JMS218142.mp3 [2]


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: February 18, 2014:
– Hockey overview
– U.S. has tougher road than Canada
– Swedes likely in gold-medal game
– U.S. wins sixth gold, most in newer sports
– Our winter superstars flopped
– Down to Ligety, Shiffrin
– Need to tone down pre-Olympic hype
– Too many athletes don’t live up to TV ads

– NFL says will comment at right time
– This is appropriate time
– He will continue Tweeting, we will read
– Should ignore him, but a time bomb

– Usually dead time, not this year
– U.S. hockey noone Wednesday
– LeBron-Durant Thursday
– Likely U.S.-Canada noon Friday
– Syracuse-Duke Saturday
– Gold-medal hockey Sunday

– How did he do?
– Likeable, down to earth.
– Coaxed Bono to do commentary on coffee cup
– Has way of dissing people in good fun
– Makes him the anti-Incognito

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1040/JMS218143.mp3 [3]


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