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Mariotti Show Replay: Thursday, Jan. 23rd

Missed part of the show? Here?s a rewind of the program on January 23, 2014.

The Mariotti Show streams live M-F noon to 3 ET.

Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: January 23, 2014:


-- Thurmond says Welker hit on Talib was dirty

-- He is one of Seattle DBs in NFL drug busts

-- This was first interview day. Wait until New York

-- Seattle focus and discretion big angle in game


-- Speaks at length, very thoughful

-- A shame he was ``immature'' Sunday, as he put it

-- Put his ego ahead of team

-- Can learn from this, but 60 m people formed opinions

-- Doesn't like use of ``N-word,'' could do great leadership work

-- He will be No. 1 focus of media next week, at all times

-- Admires Muhammad Ali

-- No reason has to be T.O., Ochocinco, Rodman diva


-- Actually have someone who wants to coach him?

-- Pettine is a defensive guy when they need offense

-- If draft Manziel, who will groom him?

-- Haslem has topped Snyder, Jones as No. 1 owner goof


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: January 23, 2014:


-- Don't listen to weather reports till middle of next week

-- Wind in stadium will be biggest factor

-- Already has rehearsal Dec. 15: 8 inches cleared out easilt

-- Broncos, Manning have more to worry about with weather

-- Denver better focus on stronger running game

-- Seattle, brute-force team, built for bad weather

-- Traffic outside MetLife already worst in sports, now what?


-- Goodell says will consider allowing concussion patients to use

-- Much better idea than Vicodin, which leads to serious addiction

-- Denver vs. Seattle: The Weed Bowl

-- HBO piece estimates more than 50 percent of players use

-- Tested only once per offseason


-- High-rollers most worried about weather

-- Poor folks might have to be a little cold and wet

-- Musical acts playing in snow and wind chills?

-- Can't understand the KIngs of Leon singer as it is


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: January 23, 2014:


-- Did Yankees overpay? Cubs, Dodgers nowhere near $155 m

-- He doesn't speak English. Need to communicate

-- Ichiro, Kuroda can help, but Girardi and McCann need lessons

-- Yankees still impulsive spenders, and industry is laughing

-- Spend half-billion, and not one move is a sure bet


-- Who isn't rooting for him?

-- New racket, strategy at 32

-- He can beat Nadal, who has hand issue

-- Great when older athletes strike back

-- They tell us when they're done

-- Men's tennis always has a great story angle


-- Again, will he ever win a major?

-- Says he's not 58, but 38 pushing it

-- Needs to top Nicklaus to purge scandal

-- Otherwise, he'll be known as gifted golfer done in by bimbos


-- No longer top corner, Revis rips Sherman

-- Says put himself over team

-- Revis has taken a step back in corner debate

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