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Mariotti Show Replay: Monday, July 28th

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The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Monday, July 28: The NFL speaks on the Ray Ricecase and, legally, the league has a point -- Rice has not been convicted. Sohow could Goodell suspend Rice for a year when even the prosecutor didn'trequire jail time? Shallow media people aren't equipped to cover legalissues, unlike those of us who have had experience in these matters. Toomany media assume complete guilt when they really don't know and aretrolling for attention and traffic. ESPN ordered Stephen A. Smith to read ascripted apology, or he would have been fired. Michelle Beadle was wrong fornot calling Smith personally, as a colleague, instead choosing to tweet andmisrepresent him. ESPN has embarrassed itself all the way around here.Cheers to Hall of Fame inductee Frank Thomas, who didn't need juice in thePED era. David Price will not be traded, nor should he be.

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The Jay Mariotti Show Podcast for July 28th, 2014

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