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Mariotti Show Recap: Tuesday, Nov. 26th

Posted By Jay Mariotti On November 26, 2013 @ 4:33 PM In Podcast | No Comments

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on November 26, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 26, 2013:
— RG3 needs new coach, new plan — Kevin Sumlin?
— Will he ever be same after knee surgery?
— Shanahan will be haunted by leaving injured Griffin in playoff game
— Kaepernick salvaged by better coach, needed big passing night
— Zone Read was one-year fad
— Ahmad Brooks thinks Griffin playing too soon — RG3 was the one rushing it
— 49ers OK, will be dangerous in playoffs, Harbaugh proves why he’s superior

— Now Browner, after Thurman. Two days, two suspensions
— Seven bans, two years. Ten teams have had no bans since 2010
— Carroll running renegade shop in Pacific Northwest obscurity
— Why no outcry, like baseball?
— Super Bowl-caliber team, major issue
— Host Brees, New Orleans on MNF

— He wants to play, McCarthy says slim to none
— Flynn again
— Suh ready to pounce on Thanksgiving again

— Panthers, Cardinals, Steelers
— Best Six, Vegas odds

— Give Schiano credit. Still, imagine him long-term
— Glennon, what if he had been QB all along?

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Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 26, 2013:
— Two-year extension
— How could this be a bad thing?
— Still could lead to LeBron, Durant down road
— LeBron wants to bring his entrepreneurial skills to Hollywood
— Lakers always find a way to flaunt superstars
— Franchise, banners, palm trees, sunshine, Lakers Girls — sells itself

— Cuban says should NBA consider making it legal per injury-healing
— Cuban should fix messy franchise instead of playing doctor

— Now what? Will he ever be remotely the same player?
— Another cruel event for aching franchise post-Jordan
— Blow it up, start over
— Pacers, Heat — anyone else in East?

— Woodson says no worries. Really?
— Calipari?
— CAA connection to Dolan
— Dolan spoke, finally, expects championship

— Garnett, Pierce stink. Trying to sabotage Kidd.
— Boston smart to dump them
— Can Kidd coach? Has management’s support, but in too deep

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Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 26, 2013:
— Still back Winston, McCarron could win if Winston charged
— Only two real candidates left

— No news from prosecutor until next week
— Accuser lawyer calls it rape again
— Tallahassee police, lots of issues
— Again, all one-sided media, Winston side quiet.
— Has denied it, must repeat. No charges, must repeat.
— Duke lacrosse accuser, convicted last week in stabbing

— Model kid, SI cover
— Winston backlash
— GF Katherine Webb worried about watching in stands at Auburn

— Alabama Shakes
— Other 49 states don’t exist
— Dynasty vs. Destiny
— Why is it pronounced “Au-bun” and not Au-burn?

— Still has chance to create BCS chaos
— NFL talent machine, must beat Manziel to reach Atlanta

— Worse loss in decades
— Muschamp can’t last
— Charlie Strong? Swinney? Stoops?

— Hoke in trouble?
— Spurrier might want to leave

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