Mariotti Show Recap: Thursday, Nov. 21th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on November 21, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 21, 2013:
– DNA matches, but doesn’t prove anything
– Consensual or not? That is question
– Winston attorney upset at DNA media leak, calls press conference
– So wrong that this is public and devolving into p.r. ping-pong game
– Timetable pressing for Heisman voting, final BCS standings
– Possible decision won’t come until mid-December, after both decided
– P.R. battle has begun, who’s telling truth or not?
– Where has accuser been last nine months?
– If detective corrupt and pressure thick, needed to know then
– Manziel, ironically, poised to win Heisman, two big games ahead

– He’s right: Selig should have to testify
– No heroes here, both dirty, A-Rod wants to bring down Selig too
– Speaks out on WFAN, rips into Selig
– Remember, A-Rod is a serial cheater, has no cred when says he’s clean
– Denies cheating — did this before, in 2009, lied


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 21, 2013:
– Lawyers promise to reveal significant anti-Selig evidence Friday
– Say they have a “whistleblower” in MLB office
– Clips from radio interview

– Tigers dump a financial albatross, Kinsler must stay healthy
– Both big contracts, coming off down years
– Tigers needed to pare down payroll, Scherzer, Cabrera to be paid
– Can Fielder reclaim power stroke to RF in Arlington? Still 29. DH. Texas heat?
– Rangers get $30 m between 2016-20 from Tigers
– Profar now 2B, with Andrus at SS and Beltre at 3B
– Jon Daniels, a big thinker, goes for jugular

– Texas next?
– Yankees shouldn’t overpay — think about how they got old and flawed
– Study Cardinals after Pujols, Red Sox divided up the free-agent pie


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 21, 2013:

– Pouncey says Incognito wants to return to team
– They had “a laugh” while watching game on TV
– Incognito grievance hearing today
– Incognito and at least one other player allegedly mocked ethnic backgrounds
– NFL investigators have spent week at Dolphins facility

– Shawn Andrews says McNabb bullied him with Eagles
– McNabb denies

– VP of officiating said used “proper mechanics” on MNF final play
– How about using common sense?
– Competition committee must change letter of law
– Pass interference calls an issue because teams throwing more than ever
– More pass interference calls than ever, 63 percent rise since 2008
– Offensive interference calls remain flat, though, per Wall Street Journal
– Denver runs a pick play

– Say they’re united, obviously not
– Moss says Griffin has to accept some blame. Griffin blamed game plan
– Others question Griffin leadership. Said Eagles knew what was coming
– Clearly, mojo is gone, and knee has eroded his two-way brilliance
– Shanahan done

– Can banged-up NE defense get to Manning after Denver OL played so well?
– Manning hanging together by glue, still excels
– Their places in history among QBs
– Who has had better career? Brady rings 3-1, Manning numbers
– So much deeper than that, two American cornerstones, never gets old

– NFL $15,000 fine, says Lewis doesn’t have to pay
– Peterson says QBs overprotected and RBs underprotected
– They should be protected — this is football in 2013
– Protecting brains is Job One, especially when QBs are so vulnerable


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