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Mariotti Show Recap: Monday, Nov. 11th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on November 11, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 11, 2013:
Manning injury, ongoing story that could end Denver dream
Incognito-Martin latest
Incognito Fox interview, Jay’s analysis
NFL wrap from Sunday, playoff picture starting to crystalize

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1040/JMS1111131.mp3 [1]


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 11, 2013:
No one survives in Miami, Philbin and Ireland included
Alabama, Florida State take charge in BCS
NFL stories
Atlanta Braves, leaving for suburbs
College basketball, two must-watch early games Tuesday

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1040/JMS1111132.mp3 [2]


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 11, 2013:
College football
Heisman, Winston in lead but watch Manziel
More love for McCarron, American football hero
Saban, fake punt shows why he’s best ever
NBA — LeBron mad, Pacers and Spurs best early

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1040/JMS1111133.mp3 [3]


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