Mariotti Show Recap: Monday, Dec. 2nd

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on December 2, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: December 2, 2013:
– Not since C. Barkley has a force out of Auburn been louder, bigger
– One-loss Auburn worthier than 12-0 Ohio State
– OSU surrended 603 yards and 41 points to mediocre Michigan
– Auburn rushed for 296 vs. almighty Alabama run defense, 91 coming in
– BCS standings not likely to yield that, sadly
– Unprecedented in 15 BCS years for 1-loss to trump 0-loss
– Jacobs, Auburn AD, lobbying hard like lot of us: “America wants it”
– SEC greatest league ever, Big Ten plummeted to 5th at moment
– Auburn charmed team, has America’s full attention
– Ohio State, barely survives Michigan, 2-point conversion try
– Yes, Michigan should have gone for two, wouldn’t stop Hyde, Miller in OT
– Malzahn, Coach of Year, Waffle House celebrant, gadget guy
– Missouri for SEC title

– Hyde, Miller unstoppable, but pass defense just as porous
– Resume doesn’t compare to Auburn’s
– Disciplinary issues, again, for Meyer
– Won’t further punish ejected players, even Hall, who flipped bird
– Big Ten might suspend, throwing punches
– No guarantee beat Michigan State, awesome defense

– Would be clearcut: FSU, OSU, Alabama, Auburn-Mizzou winner

– Destiny trumps Dynasty, two weeks after Prayer at Jordan-Hare
– God’s makeup call for Toomer’s Corner poisoning?
– All-time miracle team, talk of America
– Saban, screwups with strategy
– Not McCarron’s fault, great again
– Alabama blown coverages whole game

– Says he’s staying, but word means nothing
– He and wife felt unappreciated as it was, now what?
– Orange Bowl? Clemson?
– If he wants Texas job, it’s his
– Maybe he’ll retire

– This is where Alabama fb culture is sick
– CJ Mosley rips fans on Twitter
– McCarron cautions them to be real fans
– Fan page supports Foster
– Too intertwined with religion, identity, hate

– Now we know why Auburn won title in Jan 2011
– His offense, with Newton
– He wrote the book on spread offense, Kelly and Briles are fathers too
– Offense trumps Saban’s defense
– Left for Arkansas State, Jacobs fired Chizik for changing offense
– Returned, here he is, ran ball and exposed Alabama run defense

– Takes care of business, most complete team in college football
– Kelvin Benjamin makes Winston look great, 3 TDs, size, speed
– 4-TD favorite over Duke in ACC title game

– Will he be in Pasadena with them?
– Morality decision ahead for FSU if he’s charged next week
– FSU/ACC’s $24 m for BCS title game locked in if beat Duke
– Performances aren’t affected
– Takes hits on field, bounces up
– Fisher grabbed facemask after focus lapse and talkback

– McCarron loss hurts, but still support for golden boy
– If Winston not in probe, be clearcut guy
– Heisman votes have to be in a week from today


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: December 2, 2013:
– Michaels, Collinsworth go nuts
– Jeff Triplette’s crew mistakenly gave Redskins a first down after a second-down reception.
– Chain gang crew reacted and changed down marker to first down when it was third down
– Redskins called plays believing it was first and second down, not third and fourth
– Triplette didn’t stop game and get everyone in sync
– Redskins, out of playoffs 17th time in 21 years
– Griffin terrific early, 16 of 17 in first half. Did rush for 88
– Beason and Giants D, 96 yards in second half
– Need new coach to nurture Griffin
– Trade for Griffin starting to look great for … St. Louis

– Weakening arm? Peyton proves wrong again, 5 more TDs, 403 yards
– 41 for season, well on pace for Brady’s record of 50
– 3rd 400 of season, sixth 4 or more TDs, 4125 most ever after 12 games
– Return from Foxborough letdown
– Decker re-emerges as big target, 4 TDs, 8-174
– Denver has clear tiebreaker, wins 2 0f 3 in tough stretch
– On way to No. 1 seed, though might need to win out because of N.E.
– Del Rio, 3-1, Elway gave game ball, Fox back today
– Denver defense tightened for almost 2 1/2 quarters, no points

– Man found dead outside stadium during game
– One year to day of Jovan Belcher’s suicide in same lot
– Again, a stadium is a death scene

– Foles is legit, 3 more TDs for tough Arizona defense
– 233 passes without an interception, remarkable
– 6-6, 243, mobile enough though no Vick
– Stay tied with Dallas, showdown last week
– McCoy, Ertz, Cooper — Kelly adapting offense with NFL
– Defense better, 21 or fewer last eight
– Not bad for “great college offense,” as Arians had said

– Expect major fine
– NFL has to decide if sideline stroll onto field was intentional
– Send message to other coaches

– Smith benched, Ryan going to lose job
– Smith 8.3 qb ratings, one TD and 11 picks in last seven games
– Matt Simms, David Garrard? Simms three sacks, an int
– Sanchez says he wants to return — new coach — with “bionic arm”

– For all the strife, in center of playoff hunt
– Tannehill has been leader, fine passer — 331 and 2 TDs
– Philbin hanging in, defended by assistants and players
– Martin done for season, Dolphins can decide his remaining pay
– Incognito, suspension prolonged, will be paid for remaining
– Incognito to be interviewed by Wells again this week

– Keep falling behind in first half
– Brady saves again, with Gronk; Gostkowski two long FGs late
– Texans, 10 straight losses
– Pats won 16 of last 17 in December
– Halftime adjustments, Antonio Smith is suspicious of spying

– Newton jacked about Auburn
– Threw for 263, 2 TDs, ran for 68 did his Superman leap into end zone
– Clearly best dual threat QB
– Eight straight, at New Orleans next Sunday night, then Saints at home
– Newton has 13 TD passes, 5 rushing TDs in streak
– Defense allowing NFL-low 13.3 ppg
– Riverboat Ron Rivera goes for it on 4th-and-goal at 1, Newton plunge

– Crabtree back, 60 yarder, helps Kaepernick in pass game, opens up field
– Boldin caught 9, Davis helped too, Kaep 275 yards passing
– Still, lose Joe Staley to knee
– Going to be No. 6 seed, because Carolina or New Orleans No. 5
– Could win in Dallas or Detroit in playoffs

– Vinatieri, greatest clutch kicker ever, 4 over 40, oldest player in NFL
– Colts just surviving, lost five offensive starters
– Trent Richardson a bust, Donald Brown running well, 46 yds final drive
– Luck, not much, misses Wayne

– Blue collar game, ran for 164, held Rivers to 252, forced 3 TOs
– Green-Ellis, Bernard
– Don’t know what this team is about
– No one covered AJ Green on TD in third quarter

– Crazy game. Vikings had game won with FG, Ellison facemask on Hester
– Walsh, 57 missd have Bears ball
– Trestman, 2nd and 7, went for Gould from 47. Wide right.
– Gould wife gave birth at 1 am, flew in after
– Didn’t want a penalty, could have run a play closer
– Bears done. Defense has fallen apart
– Peterson, still great, 211, 51 in OT

– Gave Gus Bradley credit, three wins
– Henne drove them 80 after Weeden threw 95-yard TD pass
– 3-1 since bye, all three on road
– 4-8 Browns need QB

– Embattled Toronto mayor watched Bills, wore Fred Jackson jersey
– Supporters, haters, had to be escorted to elevator

– Saints need game to possibly steal homefield
– Toughest place to play in NFL
– Seahawks rounding into form — Wilson wheels, Lynch pounds, defense
– No Harvin, hip needs more time
– Brees vs. reworked secondary after Thurmond, Browner drug suspensions
– Wilson idolized Brees growing up, similar size, short QBs
– Rob Ryan, mad scientist, and sacking D vs. the Seattle attack
– PED issue a problem for Carroll, running renegade operation
– 6 Seattle players suspended for substance or PED violations since 2011
– Outstanding Seattle D vs. versatile N.O. offense
– Wilson thrives in games like this, high level in pressure games
– Best of breakout four QBs from 2012
– Last 3 games, pass rating of 123.2, 18-4 as starter, 40-10 ration, 109.3

– 16-1. Might they, in real bad conference, challenge for 70?
– Probably not. But George looking like MVP, Hibbert and West beasts
– George refused ESPN profile, wants teammates profiled too
– Come long way as franchise since Malice at Palace
– Larry Bird behind it, changed image
– Name coach? Frank Vogel
– At Portland tonight


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: December 2, 2013:



– Staying at A&M, six-year deal, done for recruits
– Still could leave for NFL someday, no USC
– Family man, rather raise his four kids in Texas than LA
– Considered USC, likes Texas
– Has to fix terrible run defense

– Hires Sarkisian from Washington, keeps the Carroll thread going
– Not first pick, Sumlin was
– Del Rio will stay in NFL, likely get another head coaching job

– Too frequent an occurrence

– One-year reprieve, fire Brent Pease as OC, Tim Davis as OL coach
– Dreadful offense, worst loss in Florida history
– Injuries, but team can’t be one-sided
– Program at crossroads, setting back a year with same coach
– Foley’s rep on line as AD

– Nebraska keeping him, for now. Would have cost $7.5 m buyout
– Expectations too high there, times have changed
– Dared Nebraska to fire him

– Patterson rips him after Baylor DB targets TCU receiver
– Coaches have heated exchange on field
– Bad timing: Briles lost his brother last week in freak fall


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