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Magic Johnson Will Never Attend Another Clippers Game, Unless He Becomes Owner

That's fair, right? After all, Donald Sterling, the current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, totally blastedMagic Johnson and made racist comments abouthim.

According to the LA Times, after TMZ released anaudio recording of Sterling purportedly making racist comments about an Instagram photo with his "female friend" and Johnson, it was made clear that that will be thelast time anyone will see Johnson at aClippersgame atStaples Center.

"I will never again set foot in Staples Center when the Clippers are playing," Johnson said Saturday afternoon in a phone interview. "I know where I'm not wanted."

So is this a new business deal in the making? New reports are suggesting that Sterling should just sell the team to Johnson and wipe his hands of the mess he created.

According to Yahoo Sports,Johnson andthe Guggenheim Partnersare interested inpurchasing the Clippers. "Magic's absolutely interested," one source connected to Johnson's business interests told Yahoo Sports.

Johnson is obviously feeling many different emotions right now. He is angry with Sterling and wants to rid the Clippers of his ownership. He told the LA Times that Sterling's behavior doesn't make sense.

"This is so crazy, he doesn't want African Americans to come to his game, he doesn't want them to be part of anything over there, yet he wants his team of mostly African Americans to win him a championship?" Johnson said. "You don't want us in your building, but you want us to win a title for you?''

Johnson added thatSterling's comments are particularly hurtful in a diverse city like Los Angeles and it's pretty ironic that his words have betrayed the people whose loyalty Sterling has depended on since day one.

For more on this story visit: Bill Plaschke, LA Times and Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports


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