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Lawrence Tynes' Wife: 'Husband Not Responding At All Yet'

Bucs kicker Lawrence Tynes' wife, Amanda, apparently isn't very happy about recent reports suggesting that her husband is "responding well" to his treatment for MRSA. On Wednesday morning, she tweeted the following photo of her husband looking downright miserable:



Yesterday, Bucs head coach Greg Schiano was asked about Tynes and teammate Carl Nicks, who also is suffering from MRSA.

They are responding well Carl I know more about because hes here. Carls healing up. Timeline, I dont know I cant put a definite date on that. But he is healing, and hes recovering. And with Lawrence, hes not in town, but everything that can be done is being done to make sure that everybody recovers.

As Schiano stated, Tynes is not with the team currently and is undergoing further treatment at his home in Kansas City. He can only go by what he's being told, but it demonstrates some possible friction on Tynes' end, or at least on his wife's.

Perhaps Schiano simply misspoke when he said "they," or perhaps this is more serious than we were led to believe. Either way, for the Tynes family's sake and for the Bucs, let's hope he does begin responding to his treatment.


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