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Knicks Owner Speaks About Team

Source: Kurt Helin, NBC Sports Pro Basketball Talk

james_dolan_2013Knicks owner James Dolan comes off as a guy who believes this team is closer to the ultimate success than many fans or pundits do ? he didn?t think last season?s 54 wins was an abjuration, rather it was something to build on.

?You know what? I wouldn?t take last year?s team for this year?s team, because this year?s team is more designed to be a playoff team, whereas last year?s team was 18-5 (to start the season) but look who was playing: we had Rasheed Wallace who was doing everything for us, right? And we just started losing player after player ? by the time we got to the playoffs that 18-5 team wasn?t the team that was playing in the playoffs. If they were I think we would?ve beaten Indiana.?


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