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Kevin Durant's Tattoo Typo

Many fans were taken back a few summers ago when Kevin Durant first showed off his torso covered in art. The Oklahoma City Forward is a walking canvas but his business tattoos cant be seen when he is in uniform. Even though many people know about his ink already, fans are continuously surprised when they see the player with his shirt off. Durant has continued to add more onto his body since he first revealed all of his tattoos.

A picture was uploaded yesterday of his latest addition via instagram. However, he probably didnt think the picture would cause so much controversy. His new ink is a massive religious quote on his back, an excerpt from James 1:2-4 to be specific. At first the picture received praise and a numerous amount of likes until Sarah Kogod from the Washington Post pointed out a possible typo. On the bottom left of the picture it distinctly looks like the word mature was spelled mautre.

Durant immediately followed up with a close up picture, defending his new tattoo. The new picture was clearer; however it is hard to tell if the typo really exists with all the shine. Critics will definitely be on the lookout the next time the NBA player is seen with his shirt off.

Source:NBC Sports

Image Source: Kevin Durant's Instagram (@sniperjones35)


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