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Keith Olberman Slams Wil Myers

In his Worlds Worst Person In Sports skit Keith Olberman takes a few jabs at Wil Myers after Myers appeared on television with out of control hair.

Myers HairHe jokingly asks if Myers "got bed head from being asleep for a month" or maybe "he was attacked by a crazed hair stylist."

Of course making fun of his hair would certainly be entertaining as we all have taken time to laugh at the picture but Olberman feels it necessary to tie it into Myers worst moment of the 2013 season.

Clearly however when he let that David Ortiz flyball drop in right field in Game 1 of the Division Series at Fenway Park when he said he [Myers] thought he saw center fielder Desmond Jennings moving to make the catch - now we see what he was seeing - what he mistook for another human being - his own comb with a weed whacker hair.

His commentary on Myers begins at the 3:47 mark.





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