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Judge Dismisses A's Claim To Move To San Jose

A's LawsuitThe essence of the San Jose lawsuit: Major League Baseball is a monopoly and should be an unlawful monopoly. This would-be unlawful monopoly is preventing the Athletics from moving to San Jose and that has caused San Jose all manner of financial harm.

Major League Baseball is anti-competitive and does have a monopoly that should go the way of the dodo and vaudeville for the simple reason that it serves no purpose as noble and grand as either the dodo or vaudeville did.

Courts do not entertain lawsuits from parties without standing to sue and the city of San Jose hasnt asserted anything in this complaint that persuades me that they have standing.

Broadly speaking, they have claimed that (a) they have a contract with the owners of the Oakland As with which Major League Baseballs actions have interfered; and (b) that the city has incurred or will incur note the will financial damages as a result of the As not moving to San Jose.

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Source: Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports


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