Josh Freeman Looking Good In Training Camp

Earlier today on The Charlie Bernstein Show, writer Andrew Astleford joined the show to talk all things Bucs and Rays.

Why you should listen: Andrew talked about Josh Freeman and how good he’s looked in training camp. Andrew also talked about the Rays and the great baseball they’ve played.

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Andrew Astleford on The Charlie Bernstein Show: August 7, 2013 


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3 Responses to “Josh Freeman Looking Good In Training Camp”

  1. I just wanted to give a little bit of feedback about Glennon & Weber ,, I’m was ver impressed with Mike Glennon. Only had one day to see the team’s drills / scrimmage , but #8 was pretty quick to release – didn’t look nervous when pressured & made 3 completions for an avg. of 20 yds.,( also a few nice deep throws for compl. ) I like Adam Weber as well ,watched all three when doing their drills , all made completions,,not many dropped thatvi could see. Kudos to Adam for being the first to make completion to a WR with Darrelle Revis covering , NFL net was broadcasting NFC South yesterday morning . No Doubt to me Josh is in the best shape I’ve seen ,looked confident, took a bit longer than Glennon to release – used his legs ( footwork to move out of the pocket at one point ,) , Mike W was suffering from a hamstring & was in obvious pain ,( was told by some fans he had been for a few days due to the strain ) All Josh’s short sweeps were clean , accurate. Granted I didn’t see all the action , but what I did see , Josh looked confident , ( impressed ,). .Adam is def an up & coming backup & Glennon is learning quick , very cerebral athlete ,, good pick with Glennon, I think he will excel under Schiano & Co., Hoping Josh will get the support back I think they all need to really excel,, well fan support is crucial. I believe.
    Re: Tynes ,, did not split the uprights 2X ,( wide right ,) from about the 20 & kickoff , punt was a bit short ,but another went all the way to the 10 approx. nice & high too, but not as solid as Connor ,reasons now answered due to the toenail , Revis was running neck & neck with Mike, but looked a little guarded,( understandably so,) but that 60 + million dollar knee needs to be at 110% , I think the fact he fell on it & got up without pain is an incredible confidence booster , as was AJayCay’s ability to rejoin the practices without toe
    My one day at camp was a look at the tight ship run by Coach & confidence ,( never lost,) but reaffirmed that there is no doubt in my mind Josh can lead his team into a possible Playoff spot this season. The talent Dominik & Schiano brought in addressed a lot of our weaknesses , we definitely won’t be last this year against the pass.

  2. , Re: Tear ACL AJayCly ,, I think I said toe ,, ( just correcting my coomment submitted

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