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Joe Maddon: Miguel Cabrera Cries Too Much

I dont know that I get this weekends unpleasantness between the Tigers and Rays. If there is a backstory I dont know about, fine, but all I saw was Fernando Rodney buzzing Miguel Cabrera. Which, sure, you dont guys throwing up and in like that, but its not like he hit him or, based on the game situation and their histories, had any reason to hit him.

But Cabrera jawed at Rodney, Jim Leyland jawed after the game and then yesterday Rick Porcello hit Ben Zobrist. This left Joe Maddon in a reflective mood after yesterdays game:

I dont debate, this guy is outstanding, Maddon said of Cabrera. Hes wonderful. I just wish he wouldnt cry so much.

And it kinda is about the crying, youd have to think. If Cabrera just walks back to the dugout on Saturday rather than yell at Rodney, I bet Leyland doesnt say anything after that game and Porcello doesnt feel obligated to plunk Zobrist. But when your big star does that you get questions asked about you. And when youre on the bubble like Porcello, you err on the side of abiding by all of baseballs macho we protect our own code because when push comes to shove let no man say youre not a team player.

Source: Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports Pro Hardball Talk


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