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Jim Harbaugh On The Seattle Seahawks Beat Down

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke with the media Sunday after the 49ers got destroyed by the Seattle Seahawks.

Did you guys get away with the run game too early yesterday?

Like we said last night, we didnt do really enough good things. Only one thing you can do after a battle, win or lose, and thats reorganize, refit and regroup. And thats what well do.

Does a game like that make you consider changes, whether its personnel or how plays are called, or who calls plays?

Well reorganize. Well refit. Well regroup.

After looking at the film, how did DT Ricky Jean Francois play in DT Justin Smiths spot yesterday?

Rather than go position by position, or any one particular phase, I dont think anybody looks back on this and feels like it was good enough.

Did it seem as if they were testing him, though? Were they running toward that side to test out the new guy?

They had success in different areas, multiple areas. They did a good job.

What is wrong with Justin Smiths elbow?

Hes got an issue that hes working through.

Has he undergone a procedure, or will he need to undergo a procedure?

He has not undergone a procedure.

Why was he upgraded from doubtful to questionable on Friday?

Because hes working through some things to get strength back and he hasnt quite reached it to be able to play in the game yet. Its a process.

Did you feel on Friday there was a chance he could play?

I thought it was questionable.

Will he need surgery after the season?

Well see.

How is FB/DT Will Tukuafu? Does his injury further complicate that position?

Yeah, hes being evaluated.

Do you have enough bodies on the D-line right now to go into the playoffs without him and without Justin?

Itll be predicated on how both of those guys are doing.

The injury to WR Mario Manningham, just by the naked eye, looked serious. Do you expect to have him again this season?

Yeah, hell be evaluated today and further tests.

Is he having an MRI?

I believe he is getting an MRI, yes.

Some of the players, at least S Donte Whitner, felt that the mental focus wasnt there. Did you see that as well?

Im sorry. What? Who said?

The mental focus in some of the players he didnt think. He said the team wasnt mentally in tune.

Who are you talking about?

Donte had told us that. He said he thought in certain instances the team wasnt mentally in tune. When you look at the film, do you see more of that than maybe scheme problems or just being outplayed?

Like I said at the beginning, were going to move forward. No explanations. No excuses necessary.

After the game, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said about your offense, they are very deliberate. One of the slowest teams in term of that, getting to the line of scrimmage and snapping the ball and they caught them a couple of times. Why are you guys so deliberate? And is that an issue that you see that needs to be corrected?

Yeah, there were a few incidences when we were slow.

Is that by design? Not necessarily, obviously the timeouts or the penalties, but do you want to take that play clock up until the last few seconds?


What do you do to correct that?

Fix it.

There was another report today that some of the Seahawks players said that you were mocking them after the game at Candlestick in the parking lot, with honking and saluting the team bus. Did that incident occur? What do you remember about that?

No. No, that did not occur. Thats a fabrication.

Do you take a bus back to the hotel, yourself? Would you have even been in a car?

After the game?


I cant remember a time where Ive left a game where the other teams still been there, this entire season.

Does anything, just given the amount of injuries at the end of the season this week, does anything change as far as giving more rest than you normally would during the week or anything change in that regard?

The players are coming in today and theyll have tomorrow off.

But nothing unusual that you wouldnt normally do this week, you just switched the off day?

[shakes head no]

Do you feel different about your team today than you did on Saturday, before the game yesterday?

No, no. I feel our teams leadership, I feel the intellect of the staff, I think the talent of the players, the work ethic of the players will pave the way.

A lot of people questioning the spark of the team now compared to early on, what do you say to that going into the last week of the season?

No excuses or justifications. Our team needs to bounce back.

You said last week that the flight back from New England was a pretty quiet flight. What was the flight back like after a game like that?


Can you speak to the fact that the NFL is such a roller coaster? After last week you guys were anointed as the NFLs best team and now it looks like there are issues. How hard is it to keep an even keel when one week youre so high and then seemingly youre so low the next?

After a battle, whether its a win or a loss, you regroup, you refit, you reorganize.

Third downs seemed to be a big problem yesterday, are there things that you look at changing in the third down? Are there big offensive changes that you foresee in the final weeks or going into the playoffs?

Well always look at that, any area to reorganize and refit and fix if necessary.

What is the status of TE Vernon Davis? Do you expect him to be able to play?

Well see. Doctors will make that evaluation.

How much did yesterday maybe catch you by surprise? You know your team, but as Eric Branch said you come off a big win vs. the Patriots, that was an exhausting win I know that. But how much did yesterdays result maybe catch you off guard?

It didnt.

Why not?

Wasnt caught off guard.

Source: San Francisco 49ers Media


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