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Jets WR Eric Decker Has a Lot of Respect for Rex Ryan

New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker spoke to the media about his transition to the team and how he feels about having Rex Ryan as a coach.

On his transition to the team?

Change and stuff takes time, but it?s been a good transition for me. (We?re on) week, I guess, eight almost now as far as the offseason program and every day I feel more comfortable, getting a better grasp of the system. It?s always easier when you get more reps, more experience with it. So, having these practices under my belt, I feel good lining up. (I) feel good with what we?re doing and all the guys have been tremendous. It?s a great locker room and I?m happy to be here. They really took me in ? that?s a big part of it.

On the receivers group?

Yeah, we?ve got a young group. We?ve got a young group in there, but we?ve got a lot of talent, a lot of raw talent. It?s about kind of finding your identity and for a lot of these guys, this is the time to do it. Through practice and through my experiences I hope to help. David Nelson has been around for a while too, so both of us just kind of sharing knowledge as far as our experience is huge for these guys just to develop. The best part is we have fun in the meeting room. We?re there to learn, but we all respect one another, we all have fun on the field and that?s what it?s all about. That?s how you make this game great is by having fun and working hard.

On Coach Ryan having his back when he attended the CMT Music Awards?

It?s huge. That?s what?s so great about Rex Ryan, and really this organization is everyone here is family. You take care of one another. That?s how you build a winning culture. I?ve got a lot of respect for him and for him to stand up and say that means a lot to me.

On Geno Smith?

I didn?t get to see him as a person grow last year, but this offseason he?s taken that leadership role and he?s a very mature kid at the age he?s at. We?re all out there busting our butts and he?s a guy that?s leading the charge. I think he?s done a good job of getting guys on the same page (and) making sure we?re coming to work and we?re motivated every day. Sometimes in the offseason if you?re not playing for something it can get hard at times, but he?s made sure guys are grinding. It?s good to see a leader at the quarterback position like that and him to be so mature at his age.


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