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Jets Rex Ryan Us Against The World

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon about his 3-2 record in what should have been a train-wreck season.

Opening Statement

I think just watching the tape again, you really see, number one, how hard our guys played, obviously. The fact that we said last night that we needed everybody was clear and evident on tape as well. Obviously, youve got to give a lot of credit to the Falcons, the way they battled and fought back. Thats an excellent football team. (Theyre) very well coached. But again, I think its just the resolve that our players had really was outstanding. We get to enjoy that game for about a couple of hours and then its on immediately to Pittsburgh. For the coaches, quite honestly, with us, after you watch the tape weve already been hard at (work) preparing for Pittsburgh.

On if he has an update on Antwan Barnes

No. Ill tell you what, he wasnt able to finish the game, obviously, so that doesnt look good. But I dont have what the injury status is right now. Obviously, tomorrow well have that.

On if the Jets being 2.5 point favorites to Pittsburgh is disrespectful

You guys know how I feel about the betting deal. It means nothing to me. I think when you look at it with Pittsburgh, certainly this is like an extremely proud franchise when you look at the Rooneys, you look at Mike Tomlin, Dick LeBeau and then Ben Roethlisberger, that defense, (Troy) Polamalu and them. Certainly there are a lot of players, a lot of talent on that team. And that organization is a class act without question and we know how much we respect them. But again, with us, theyve had two weeks to prepare for us, were coming off a short week so we know we have to get on top of them immediately as far as our preparation goes. I like the fact were at least playing at home. It seems like every time we play Pittsburgh since Ive been here, I think three times, it seems like weve been on the road every time.

On if he has any thoughts on Geno Smith after watching the tape

Just that it was a tremendous game for him without question. The 80 percent completion rate and (he was) extremely accurate with the ball, made some great decisions. I thought he ran hard. So I thought it was just a great game on his part and obviously, really a lot of guys stepped up and had a tremendous game for us.

On if he is interested to see how the team responds to having success

Well, Im interested to see how we respond but certainly its not like we feel like were King Kong or something. We know it took a great effort last night, but its going to take the same kind of effort this week. I do feel great that were playing at home. I think thats going to help us. Again, Pittsburgh travels well. My shout out to the fans is lets not see a whole lot of black and gold out there if we can avoid it. But really I think thatll help us. I got a memo from the league. They said we can win two games in a row (joking, laughter). I think thats going to be what I talk to our team about.

On whether he regretted not going for two to put the team up 14 in the fourth quarter

Yeah, when they went ahead by a point (laughter). Absolutely, that is when it dawned on me. But, really at that stage, obviously we were thinking about it, but I was like you know what its still too early in the fourth quarter, so lets just take the one because a lot of things can happen. But, yeah obviously when they scored I was like, Oh gosh, I shouldve gone for two. But thats with hindsight. But again there was really never a panic. We knew we had the ball and plenty of time and had all three timeouts. Just really excited the way we handled that two minute situation. I thought Marty (Mornhinweg) did a tremendous job of calling the plays and then really our offense, quite honestly, did a great job of executing.

On what happened on the fourth-and-one on the teams first drive

No, I tried to draw them offsides because I was trying to get them (offsides). And Im like its even a better angle if you get it back a little bit further. We knew we had the field goal, but I was like lets just try to hard count them, draw them off-sides. But it came in so late that that really wasnt it. I shouldve been on top of that more so, but clearly we werent going to go for it. I was just trying to draw them off-sides. At that stage, you want to get points. Youre playing on the road. Youve had a great drive, so lets go ahead and get some points. That team, I think going into the game, I think they had an edge in the first quarter of 34-0, so we wanted to score first.

On the defense

The hiccups I think a lot of times youve got to credit your opponent, because quite honestly they have a lot of weapons and its hard to defend that team. Theres no doubt. The one big wideout is an absolutel beast, Julio Jones, so I think thats the guy you have to focus on. Thats the one you have to get two on him and then, obviously (Tony) Gonzalez does what he does. Hes tremendous still. So, its a talented (offense), and Roddy White - its a tough team to defend. Lets just put it that way.

On the performance of the defense

We did ok I guess, but I wouldve liked to have played better. We have to tighten some things up, but again I want to give the opponent plenty of credit. Its not every day you give up that many first downs and 360 yards or whatever they had, so you have to give them credit. But it also shows that we have to improve. We have to learn from it. There are several mistakes that we made that helped the cause a little bit. So, were going to learn from it, then were going to move forward.

On the opponents the team has defeated earning a combined record of 3-11

Well again, we cant affect who we play. Whoever is on the schedule, thats who were going to line up and play. Again, you can try to discredit us all you want. Thats fine. Its no big deal to us. We know what we have in our building and thats it. You can take any stance you want on it. Those are facts, theres no question, but if you think the Atlanta Falcons are only going to win one game or whatever, then I dont know, I think theyre a better football team than that. But again, thats for you to write and thats all fine and dandy. We really dont care though, to be honest with you.

On if the team has embraced an us against the world approach

We really dont care what people that dont believe in us say. We care about what our fans think, we care about what our locker room knows to be the truth. I think its interesting. There are different ways to looking at the preseason. I dont disagree that wins and losses and things like that can definitely be misleading. But if you really look at the games, in particular, I knew that this team was on the right track. I think thats where it is. I think it shows up in the games, in the preseason games. It also shows up on the practice field. Thats why we knew we were much better than what we were given credit for. With that being said, were not even close to where we have to get to, starting this week against Pittsburgh. Thats kind of where our focus is. To say absolutely, what the national media and people like that think about us, the negative comments and all that kind of stuff, to think it doesnt put a little fuel to the fire, of course it does. With that being said, we know theyre not in the meetings, theyre not seeing what were seeing. Again, Im not going to lie and say it doesnt add something (or it) it doesnt spark you a little bit.

On whether Kellen Winslow was frustrated about his playing time

No, not that I know of. Obviously, guys want to get out there. They want to play. There is no question they want to play. They want to be part of it. The thing I will say is he made a huge catch when we got the touchdown. It was a huge play in the game and that was great to see.

On if Mike Goodson not receiving opportunities in the second half is because he is not in football shape yet

No, Im not really sure. We were trying to use all three of our backs, and quite honestly, we never had a whole lot of plays on offense. We had a tough time getting off the field. Going into the game, we were leading the league in first downs given up on defense and we gave up a boatload. So, it was hard to get the ball back. But again, I think Mike, and really all the backs, we were trying to use every one of them.

On whether he was surprised the Falcons went for it on fourth down at the end of the first half

Yes, I was surprised because I thought we were pretty stout out there. I was surprised that they didnt go with the points. But again, Mike Smith knows his football team. Im not questioning the move, but you asked me the question, and yes, I was a little surprised.

On starting Jaiquawn Jarrett instead of Antonio Allen and additional action for Josh Bush

I told you. Were going to use our roster. Theres no doubt. Well use our roster. If we think we have a certain matchup, then well go ahead and use it. But dont think that means anything less of Antonio Allen. In fact, its just the opposite. Im sure hell be the starter this week and well go from there, but we have some good players and were going to use them.

On why he threw the challenge flag on the Roddy White fumble

I never really saw a whole lot. I just figured Id take a shot at it. It was a huge play. Quite honestly, I never liked the defense that we had out there. It seemed like we had some confusion. But I figured it might be a shot to throw (the challenge flag). Obviously, I was wrong in making the challenge instead of just getting the timeout. We were going to do one or the other. I figured Id take a shot at it. I hadnt seen a clear view of it, so I was wrong. But that was what went into my decision.

Source: New York Jets Media


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