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Jets QB Mark Sanchez On The First Day Of Training Camp

On the first day of training camp?

It was awesome. I thought the weather was perfect, (the) campus is always great, the fields look good. I thought the competition was heated, it was fun, exciting atmosphere. I thought the defense and offense, special teams looked great. Exactly the way we want to start. We?ll just keep improving, keep on simulating game-like atmosphere?s and keep playing well.

On helping Geno Smith despite the competition?

I think it?s the right thing to do. I think you got to be a pro no matter what you?re doing. I think when I came in as a rookie, Kellen Clemens and I were competing, but Kellen wasn?t shy. If I were to ask him a question (he?d) help me out and that?s the way I learned. I guess that?s just kind of the way I was brought up in this league and I think it?s the right thing to do. Maybe not everybody does it, but that?s me.

On holding anything back?

No, I mean there?s nothing really to hold back. If he has a question, I just answer the question the way I see fit and the way that I believe to be true, and if we both ???don?t know we go and ask Marty (Mornhinweg).

On the offensive supporting cast?

I thought they looked great. I saw Kellen Winslow there right at the end of practice go up and to make a big catch. Braylon (Edwards) looks good, like he never left. He hasn?t lost a step at all. We?ll get Tone (Santonio Holmes) back, but I felt a lot of those receivers looked good today. Jeremy Kerley, I thought Clyde Gates looked good. There?s guys running all over the field and they?re making some big time catches for us, so that was important and that?s what we want to see on this first day.

On practicing with the entire team?

It was nice. It was nice just to get back into it, to start speaking the language again with the players and to see how much guys retained. I?m proud of the way guys came back and have studied during this break. It was ??obvious because we said some things, we got into some intricate situations and guys were right on top of it. And that?s what we expect with getting veteran leadership, especially that interior line with (Nick) Mangold and (Stephen) Peterman and Willie Colon, so those guys really did well today.

On if he would consider it a failure if he does not win the starting job?

I don?t know. I don?t even think like that. I don?t think about not winning the job. That?s just the way I am, I?m pretty optimistic.

On how Geno Smith performed?

He did great. He?s doing a great job, he always has and he works hard. He?s busting his butt and he?s a great competitor and we get the best out of each other. The best player will play and that will eventually help the team.

On his performance?

I thought I did well. I wasn?t able to watch the film but I felt sharp, I felt accurate, I felt good with my checks, the checks we needed to make. We executed well and had some great ?positive plays. We got some completions and kept rolling.

On Clyde Gates? performance?

Clyde was all over the field, our first play, the seven-on-seven. It?s rare that you can out-throw a guy like Clyde Gates. That guy can run and I thought that I had him, I thought I had him overthrown by a yard and a half and he puts it into an extra gear, made a fingertip catch and those are the kind of plays we expect from Clyde and that?s the kind of receiver he can be. When you put it on the practice film like that, that?s going to be encouraging for him. It?ll boost his confidence and get him ready to play.

On if he has noticed how Rex has handled criticism?

I think a lot of people in the organization feel that way, where they?re just unaffected by outside opinion, unaffected by anything other than our team, our locker room, our coaches and our staff. Those are the people that matter the most to us and when you?re playing this game, it?s you against the world. Those people you talk about, those 53 guys on the roster, the practice squad guys that we?re trying to find now, against everybody else. Especially when you go on the road, you have that mentality, so I love that about Rex. I love that he?s really just unfazed by anything and that?s the kind of guy you want to follow and it gets you excited to play for him.

On the benefits of helping Geno Smith?

It?s just saying it one more time in your head, when you teach something, if you know something well enough to teach something whether it?s a protection, a play, a specific read, that?s when you really have it down. It?s one thing to hear somebody say something and spit it back out, but if you can really understand it and actually teach it instead of just repeat the information, that?s what you?re going for so. And that goes for Geno (Smith) or anybody else who has a question, that?s what I try to do.

On the overall atmosphere of the team and whether it seems more focused?

I think that?s the way Mr. Idzik is. That?s his mentality. He wants for everybody to be focused on the field, in the classroom, in the weight room, and that?s it. It?s plenty of fun just worrying about that. You don?t need to add anything extra. You don?t need to try too hard or try and have too much fun outside of what we?re doing. I can absolutely appreciate that and I enjoy this atmosphere, I think our guys are focused in.

On how he knows it?s coming from Idzik?

I mean you talk to the guy, you guys have interviewed him. He doesn?t say much. There?s not much to say it?s just, hey go put it on the film, we?ll evaluate it, we?ll play the best players we got, we?ll go win as many games as possible. But, it seems like a simple formula but sometimes when you get back to basics that?s the most effective way to do things.

On the presence of Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow for the WR corps...

I know with Braylon (Edwards) around, I don?t know about Kellen (Winslow), but I know Braylon knows how to dress. So those guys will be ready to go on the road. They?ll be sharp. But not only that, Braylon knows how to be a pro, whether it?s in the media, on the field, after games, he?s a stud. And he?s learned so much in his career so far and he?s still got a bunch left in the tank, so I?m excited to have him back and he?s only going to help our team.

On the hard count earlier in practice and jumps on the line?

You want to, just echoing what Marty always says, use the cadences as an offensive weapon, and that means that we have to be sharp on offense. We can?t have the false starts. So we?ll eliminate those, we?ll keep on trying to test our defense, and that?s good because, you get in to road games, you get in to tough atmospheres like that, our defense needs to be sharp too, and stay onsides, and execute their plays.

Source: New York Jets Media


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