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Jets QB Greg McElory On Tim Tebow

New York Jets QB Greg McElroy spoke to the media on Friday about his first start, Tim Tebow and the Jets running game.

On if he?s excited the world didn?t end before he could make his first NFL start?

Everyone?s asked me that several times this week. It?s like, ?Are you disappointed that the world could end before your first NFL start?? And I was like, ?At that point, does it really matter?? (joking) But yeah, I?m glad that we?re still around, I?m glad that everything?s okay. I wasn?t really all that worried about it.

On if other people have asked him if he was happy the world didn?t end before he could make his first NFL start?

I?m dead serious. (I?ve heard it from) a couple different people, like high school friends just messing with me and stuff like that. Yeah, it?s pretty funny.

On if his preparation has changed this week?

(You) just continue to do what you?ve been doing and obviously we?ve been doing this for a long time now. We?re late in the season and there?s two games left in the season. You have that routine down. You have that preparation down. It hasn?t really affected the way I?ve prepared. Every week I?ve tried to prepare like I was going to be out there, out there playing in the game and taking the snaps. This week didn?t really change much. I just got more reps in practice. I felt good. I felt comfortable going in.

On if injuries on offense have affected the run game?

We have a great group of guys. Our offensive skill players are fantastic. They?ve been a joy to work with. I know Mark (Sanchez), Tim (Tebow) and myself have all really enjoyed working with them and continue to improve with them. It?s been a great year so far. We just have to continue to get better and feel good about ourselves these next two weeks and continue to get better each day, just focus on something different to work on. That?s been the goal all year and that will continue to be the goal.

On if it has been a challenge having different players each week on offense?


On if his workload has increased this week?

More interviews. That?s really the only thing that has changed to tell you the truth. As far as the workload, it?s always been the same. I?ve always tried to prepare exactly like I was going to be out there. It hasn?t really changed my prep or the way I?ve gone about things. I?ve had good guys that have shown me how to do things and Coach (Matt) Cavanaugh and Coach (Tony) Sparano and Mark and Tim have been really helpful. Like I said, it hasn?t really changed the way I?ve prepared and the way I?ve tried to carry myself.

On having more interviews?

It?s ok. I?m probably getting sunburnt from the lights. (joking) That?s about it.

On whether it has been awkward to be around the other quarterbacks this week?

Not at all, it?s not awkward. Those guys are great competitors and of course they want to be out there on field, but they also want to help me because if the shoe was on the other foot (or) the roles were reversed, I would be doing everything I possibly could to help them. I think they understand that. It hasn?t been awkward at all. They?ve been extremely helpful (and) I?m very grateful for that. I?m just thankful to have such great guys in the room with me. I?m just thankful to have such great quarterbacks being able to help me out and make this week of preparation a little bit easier.

On what he has worked on to get better this year?

I think the anticipation. That?s something I definitely try to work on. I think so much of anticipation comes with just being comfortable in the offense. It?s really a credit to Coach Sparano and the way he?s installed things, the way he?s described them week-in and week-out. I really feel like I have an understanding. I feel like us as an offense have an understanding of exactly what he wants to have. You can?t say enough great things about him. It?s really a pleasure to have an offensive coordinator that pays such great attention to detail and is able to communicate with his players.

On whether his family and friends will be at the game?

There will be a nice little McElroy contingent in the crowd. It?s funny, my high school team wore green and white, so there might be some outdated outfits out there as far as style is concerned because they?ll bring out some of the high school clothes that they used to wear to high school games. But yes, the green and white will be well represented within the McElroy family. I?m looking forward to it and I know they can?t wait to get up here.

On Tim Tebow?

We don?t worry about things that are out of our control. Obviously, Tim?s a great competitor. Tim?s a great player. He?s been a joy to have around the quarterback room and a joy to have on this team. You don?t worry about things like that. Our job is to just go out there, practice, and handle the situation that?s been given to us, and that?s how we?re going to continue to handle it. Tim?s been a remarkable guy all year and I wouldn?t expect anything less. I would expect him to continue to be professional in every sense of the word, continue to try to improve and perfect his craft.

Source: New York Jets Media


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