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Jets QB Geno Smith On Building Confidence

New York Jets QB Geno Smith spoke to the media Friday afternoon after practice about the QB competition and how nervous he was today.

On how he felt today

I felt pretty good. I think things went smoothly today in practice. Everyone was out there working hard. Thats always a good sign. We competed well, (and both) offense and defense made some good plays. On my behalf there was some good plays and some plays I can learn from, but overall I think we had a really good practice.

On the feedback from Coach Marty Mornhinweg

Well, well go in and watch film, but on the field they obviously coached me up on some things I need to improve on. Just kind of do what theyve always done, just walk me through things, allow me to get mental reps and then put me out there and see what I can do.

On if he was anxious

I did have a good nights rest. I slept pretty good last night. I wasnt too anxious. It was a really good day. I woke up and I was prepared and I was ready and I think overall we had a really good day.

On if he had any nerves

Not at all.

On his performance in seven on seven

I mean, we completed them. Thats always the goal. Every time you get an opportunity to drop back and pass, the goal is to complete the ball. The main thing is that I went through my reads properly, my drops were good at the proper depth. And then I was hitting receivers in stride, placing the ball where I wanted it and thats a really good sign for day one but theres still a lot to improve on.

On there being competition at every position

Every single guy was out there busting their butt. From offensive linemen, kickers, punters, quarterbacks, long snappers, everyones out there competing. Thats only going to make this team better.

On Coach Mornhinwegs reaction to passes

Martys always going to be Marty. Hes always fired up. Hes always being vocal and he expresses himself to you and thats a really good thing coming from an OC (offensive coordinator). Hes a really good OC and he always talks to us and he lets us know how he feels on the field, off the field, wherever. I really enjoy that and I appreciate that.

On Antonio Cromarties reaction to passes

Oh thats Cro, man. He always talks. He has a swagger about himself. Hes an All-Pro corner, one of the most athletic guys Ive ever seen on the field and its good to have a guy like that on your side because it only makes you better. Practicing against an All-Pro corner, against a really good defense, it always makes you better as a player.

On how important it was to have an error free first practice

Well, I had errors but the good thing is that there (are) always things to learn from, always room for improvement and this is only day one. We have a long camp schedule ahead of us so my goal is to go in with the mentality to get better at every single thing that I do whether its on the field, off the field, in the film room, if Im in my room studying, Im trying to perfect my craft and just get better.

On if todays performance gives him confidence

Ive always been confident. I hope you guys realize that (laughter). Im always going to be confident. Its still a humbling factor. Im out there and Im learning and Im soaking things up, Im learning from every single guy. Im a rookie at this thing so Im just trying to help my team win games and help better my team when Im on the field.

On what he can do that sets him apart in the competition

I mean, just continue to do what Ive always done. Just practice and get better and work hard. Like I said, the coaches will do the evaluating and when the time is right theyll make the selection but my job is to go out there and practice as hard as I can, take every single rep as hard as I can and just try to do my best. Thats all I can ask from myself.

On how his vocal side is coming along

That was the drill. Obviously, those guys were in the heat of the moment, but my job as the quarterback is to get them lined up and complete the drill.

On how much of the playbook he knows

I mean, Im learning it as we go. Ive got the protections down. I feel comfortable with it. I feel comfortable with every single play that I have out there. Like I said, its about preparation but its like learning the dictionary. Youll never know every single thing about it, youve got to continue to study it and thats what I do, I study it. Even things I think I have down pat, I still go back and study my notes and study the playbook.

On how fast the Jets defense is

Very fast. Those guys are not only fast from a physical standpoint but they really react. Some of the best Ive ever seen. This is my first time at it but just from my knowledge, the Jets have always had a really good defense. (Coach) Rex (Ryan) has always coached very sound defenses so I think this is only going to help us and its going to help me as well.

On seeing a player the size of Quinton Coples chasing him

I mean, thats amazing, right? The guys like 280 (pounds) and hes running step-for-step with me. Thats a good sign. I cant wait until hes chasing down other guys on Sundays.

On if the play with Coples was a designed run

It was a roll out play. (I) kind of tried to break contain and he was right on my tail.

On Coples shouting, Not that fast at him

Oh thats Coples, man. Hes always talking. That defense, they talk. I love it because as a rookie you have to expect that going into games. The only way to get used to it is to deal with it in practice.

On if he has had to do any rookie initiation things

Not yet, Im pretty sure theyre coming though. Im ready for anything.

On his relationship with QB Mark Sanchez

Its great. Were out there encouraging one another but were also competing. Mark did a really good job today. He was out there being accurate and being his normal self. I appreciate Mark for what he does for me on and off the field. He helps me, he teaches me, he helps me get acclimated to the pro game and we have a really good relationship. When were on the field we encourage one other but we also compete.

On Coach Ryans message

Oh man, some of it I cant share with you guys but the gist of it is basically were going to go into it with a new mindset. Its a new season. Everything in the past is in the past and were just going to work our butts off in camp and take it one day at a time.

On Sanchez wanting the job but also helping him

It speaks volumes about his character. Like I said, Marks a great guy. Hes always helping me. Hes always willing to help me. From my knowledge hes always helped everyone, including Greg (McElroy), including Matt (Simms). And thats the relationship we all have inside the quarterback room and I think that breeds a good room and it helps for good competition.

On if he has ever been the older player competing for a starting spot with a younger player

Yeah, I was once. In college I had two freshman come in my sophomore year and I was injured going into that offseason. But thats different from now. All of that is in the past and it doesnt mean much now.

On if the roles were reversed with Sanchez if he would help him

Of course, of course. Thats the job. Youve got to be a professional. Whether theres competition or not, you always have to be professional.

Source: New York Jets Media


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