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Jets Mark Sanchez On QB Competition In Training Camp

New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez spoke to the media Thursday afternoon after the first day of training camp.

On if this training camp has a new feel to it with the competition?

No, it feels good. It reminds me a lot of my rookie year. Coming in, competing for a job, and rookie duties. I?m holding recorders. But I?m excited. I?m excited to be back. I?m excited to get back with the team and signing Braylon (Edwards) yesterday is big for us I think. But there?s just good energy about this place and we love coming here. We love the town of Cortland and SUNY Cortland I think there?s no better place to have camp, so we have a great time.

On if he is approaching this camp differently than years past?

Just focused and excited. I?m rooming with (Nick) Mangold so that will keep me sharp (laughter). This is the first year I?ve roomed with Nick. He?s usually with Brandon Moore, so that?s different. I don?t think we picked room assignments. I definitely would not have picked Nick, no, I?m just kidding. Nick?s the man, he?s a great dude. So I?m excited to room with him and excited for this whole experience. I?m excited to see some of our new coaches and how they interact with a place like SUNY Cortland with Coach Lee and Coach Mornhinweg and see what they think. I?m sure they?ll be pleased.

On if he thinks the Jets have sufficient talent to be a playoff team?

I think so. I mean, we?re going to build the best possible team we can here first and see where that takes us. But as far as the playoffs go, we?re going to be working as hard as possible, as efficiently as possible, and I know we have some serious playmakers on this team and we?re going to see them perform here first. (We?ll) build the best team we possibly can. I think Mr. Idzik and Coach Ryan have done a great job of assembling the best team possible and we?ll do our very best. That?s what we?ve got up here and build our best team.

On how confident he is that he will win the starting job?

I feel good about my ability. I?m confident in my ability. I love playing the position. I feel comfortable up here and had some of my best practices up here so this place is like a second home. I?m ready to go. I?m ready to go compete and play my best.

On how he has gotten better this offseason?

I think working with this system has only helped develop my skillset even more and I just feel calm when I?m listening to Marty (Mornhinweg), when I?m watching film with him, with Coach Lee, they?re so experienced. I feel like they just do their very best to put you in a good situation. And relying on my experience, working hard on the fundamentals with Coach Lee. All those things will come together and help me be the best I?ve been.

On his confidence in Coach Ryan given his uncertain future beyond 2013?

Well, look, all we?re worried about is this season anyway. I know Rex can get the job done. We?ve been on a couple playoff runs together. I?ve seen him really grow as a head coach and a person. (He) just does his very best. He expects the best out of us and he promises his best and that?s all you can ask for out of a head coach. He?s a guy that can get guys energized and excited about what we?re doing and that?s not always easy as a head coach especially when it gets hot up here in camp, the dog days of camp, they start to drag on. Rex is there to switch things up, to make things fun, to make sure we remember that we?re very fortunate to be in this situation and make the most of it.

On if his leadership role has changed with the loss of some of the older veterans?

I think a lot of the core veteran guys we have here aren?t very outspoken, and there is nothing wrong with that. You don?t always have to have the rah-rah guy all the time. I think a lot of guys, especially the young rookies, they don?t say much, they just follow what you do. And if they are following the core leaders we have in this group I am confident they are going to be good players, and they will see how to develop good habits as a professional. So I am confident in our group and I know that core leadership is there.

On if he takes the low expectations as an insult?

It honestly doesn?t affect what we do here. Like I said it?s our job as that core group of leaders to make sure guys are on track. To put your blinders on, go to work, have fun up here in camp with the guys on the team. You know, concern yourself with matters about football, about the New York Jets, about our locker room. You know, get to know your other players, build the best team we possibly can, don?t forget the experiences we have had up here and go take that to the field during preseason and the regular experience. So the outside expectations don?t bother us at all.

On if he felt the need to say anything to Geno (Smith) about not attending Jets West Camp?

No, not at all. Things are business as usual. We?re competing our butts off and going through practice and everything is great.

On having Braylon (Edwards) back?

It?s great. I saw his little video to the fans on Instagram (laughing) which was pretty funny. It?s great to have Braylon. He?s always smiling, always having a good time, a great personality for any team and selfishly I?m happy he?s back.

On having Santonio (Holmes) by the beginning of the season?

You know that is something I will leave to the doctors, but I know he is doing everything he possibly can. That was one of the reasons he didn?t make it out to Jets West. He was doing so well with his rehab they wanted to keep him on schedule. If anyone can get him back for the season it is our doctors and our trainers and if not then we will roll from there.

On Edwards? support of him and if it affects the quarterback competition?

I know the coaches will make the right decision for the team. I am just going to do my very best. I know Braylon and I have a great rapport so that never hurts, but I am confident that the coaches will pick the best player and I am confident with my ability to be the best player.

Source: New York Jets Media


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