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Jets CEO Woody Johnson On Darrelle Revis

New York Jets Chairman & CEO Woody Johnson spoke with the media on Thursday about the Darrelle Revis situation.

On trading Darrelle Revis

Im going to go right back to (what John Idzik said). I think he had the answer, the same answer that I would have. First of all, we dont discuss contracts, but second of all, you have to give John (Idzik) a chance to really do what he talked about. He has to go through, evaluate what he has and how that plays into what he and Rex (Coach Ryan) talked about in terms of the strategy for the future.

On the report that he would be open to trading Revis

I dont know where that came from. But I have never, for the 10 years that Ive been talking to you guys, Ive never said anything about comments about contracts or anything like that.

On whether he would like to sign Revis long term

I think thats something that once again, I think were going to have to wait. Darrelles a great player, hes very well known in the league and rightfully so. But I think were going to go through, just as John said in his press conference, were going to carefully go through the roster and evaluate it and look at it strategically as we move forward.

On if its fair to say they will explore all avenues pertaining to Reviss future

I think Id just go back to what I just said. John, this is his first day in the building, hes going to be in charge of making those decisions. Until he has a chance to go through and really evaluate, were not going to make any statements or comments.

On if the report on Revis is untrue

I dont know where it came from. I would never say anything about a contract or a trade or anything like that. Thats not what I normally do.

On his frustration level regarding sources from within the confines of the building

First of all, Im not frustrated. Im a very optimistic person, so Im not really frustrated. I just want whats the best for the team and helping build the team going forward. And things that contribute to, like John was talking about, contribute to the we in the building, are what were looking for. And if we dont have a lot of Is in this building or mes thats simple and straightforward. But thats really the heart of it. How you do that and how you get that culture going was really important to me and it was an important factor in who I selected (as) general manager, somebody that understood that.

On what led him from interviewing general manager candidates with a personnel background to candidates with more of a contract and cap management background

I know that questions been asked a lot, but thats actually not the case. I think that if you go back and you look at what John said, I think he does have the requisite, executive experience and football experience to make the important decisions on personnel or on any of the other myriads of questions and decisions hes going to have to make. The interview process, you have to get permission, so a lot of it, the order and so on was determined by when we got the permissions rather than our ranking. We never did that. We had candidates that we thought could do the job. Thats why we brought them in and we just did it that way.

On if he expects the team to contend in 2013 or if he will allow Idzik time to rebuild the roster

I think you build, as John said, the team is different every year. You can come off of a Super Bowl year and not make the playoffs the next year and vice versa. So I think you have to be, if everybody in the building is pulling toward putting a quality team on the field, a competitive team on the field. I think John was right on when he was talking about that. Thats the best way to do better. Theres no timeline saying that because I do these three things Im going to be a championship team. I think you have to look, you have to have a really good vision of where you want to go and how youre going to get there. Then, you use those resources, like the draft, free agency, college free agents, etc. And you have to be smart and lucky because youre evaluating talent, but you dont (know), they havent played in the NFL yet so everything is a projection somewhat.

On whether Idzik will have final say on the head coach after the 2013 season

Well, thats a collaborative decision between John and I. John will certainly have something to say. Were going to be a collaborative. We are collaborative, but we will be even more collaborative as we go forward.

On why he believes Idzik will direct the Jets toward the we culture

Based on interviews, we did an extensive (interview process), we talked to all those guys that he worked for. The organizations that have been successful that hes worked for, and each one of them had been successful, they talked about that. So thats just a part of who he is, his DNA.

On if hes seen the me and I culture in the organization

Its not that we saw it a lot but I think part of the challenge of building a great organization is having a great culture. I think the culture comes from talking about what you believe in each and every day. You really have to talk about it and I think we have to do more of that and we are going to do more of it.

On if he feels the Tim Tebow trade was forced on him

No. No, that was, when we make decisions and decisions are made, were all in. Its a Jets decision. We dont go back and say, Well, this guy or this guy had more influence or less influence. We go by what we did and then its our decision.

On if there was something in the previous administration that didnt sit well with him

No, not really. I just think you always have to work for collaboration and make it part of your culture. You have to know what you believe in, the process you believe in, you have to reinforce that. Thats really all I meant by that.

On if Coach Ryan will have more say in decisions

No. I think just collaboration means, when youre making a player choice, I think you make sure you have a wide array of opinions that youre looking at.

On if he would like to see more emphasis on the draft

I think he emphasized the draft. Thats the way you build your team long term. The draft is a very important part of it.

On if it does not appear that there will be many front office changes

I think John sounded like hes been here how many hours? Hes talked to a lot of the guys that work in scouting pro (and) college. Terry (Bradway), whos going to do our draft, so from what he said, from what he told me, he was confident, comfortable with him.

On whether the front office staff could change after the draft

You evaluate every year. Of course things can change, but he sounded like he was pretty comfortable so far.

On if Reviss injury complicates any financial commitment the team is willing to make to him

I saw Darrelle the other day and if you looked at Darrelle, I think hes going to come back and be 100 percent. I dont think theres any question.

On if he needs to see Revis on the field in a regular season game to know if he will be 100 percent

Thats really up to our evaluators. But yeah, Im confident hell be good. This is an injury you can come back from today that maybe 20 years ago you couldnt, but now you can.

On if he will definitively say Revis will be a Jet in 2013

You cant say anything definitive about anybody really, until we make sure we go through our roster and do what John talked about. We have to evaluate it and look at it both now, medium and long return.

On when it became apparent that Idzik was his choice

Im not going to tell you exactly when, but he really did stand head and shoulders above. Not saying we didnt have great candidates, we did. But in terms of this organization and what we were looking for, John was exceptional.

Source: New York Jets Media


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