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Jets Braylon Edwards Weighs In On Tebow

New Yorks Jets Braylon Edwards talked with the media Thursday about Tim Tebow, the "Idiot's" comment and the state of the Jets football team.

On coming back to the Jets

It means a lot to be back. I had some great times here. I feel like I left a small part of myself here when I left. To be back is great. I think I can come back and just provide a little bit of a (veteran leadership). Im going into year eight. Ill be 30 in a month. Dont tell anybody. Theres some pride, some of the things we had last time I was here was fun and just getting after it.

On if having a rapport with Mark Sanchez helps

It does. Mark and I have stayed in touch since I left. The big thing with us is that were friends off the field. We spend time together off the field, so we know each other a little bit. When you get in the locker room or in the meeting room or the field, that rapport helps to have that trust.

On if he was surprised to be back

I was (surprised) to say the least. I always wanted to come back, but after this offseason, not really getting a phone call, I kind of thought that was it. I moved on mentally. To get back and kind of be in the same situation we were in in 2009, a lot of guys werent here but the guys that were, like you said, anything is possible. We didnt even think we were going to get into the playoffs and low and behold we got to the AFC Championship.

On if he had to apologize for the tweet directed at the organization

I didnt have to apologize but I chose to. It was a statement that was made at the heat of the moment. You know how that goes. Weve moved past that and Im here and Im ready.

On his health

The health is good. Obviously, I have a hamstring tweak but weve been getting after it with the rehab. The training staff is doing a tremendous job in the day and a half that Ive been here. Theyre really getting in there and doing what they do best. I definitely think I have a high chance of going on Monday night.

On his participation in practice

I got out there and you saw me. I went though some individual (drills) with Coach Sanjay (Lal). I ran a couple of routes with Mark (Sanchez) and Tim (Tebow) in there. It felt ok. I was able to do some things. Its definitely a step in the right direction, a good sign, seeing as though its Thursday and we have about three days or so.

On if Pete Carroll mischaracterized his injury

I dont think Pete has an M.D., so no. Im just joking. That was what they thought. That was his opinion and everybody is entitled to their (opinion). The Jets have a different opinion, so were moving based off of our doctors more so, not the coach and not myself. Were moving off the doctors and the doctors are giving me kind of a blueprint on what we should do and how we should carry out the progression.

On when he became injured

Two weeks ago. After the Chicago game I was waived injured. I didnt get another week to be on the (injury) report.

On how he became injured

It was the last play of regulation when Golden Tate scored. Well, it wasnt the last play of regulation, but it was the last offensive play in regulation, Golden Tate scored. I was running a corner route and I got pushed off my route. I put the left foot in there to catch myself.

On when he found out the Jets were interested in him again

To be honest, my agent knows how I am. I get pretty excited about things. I actually heard about it more so on Twitter and ESPN before my agent actually called me and put some validity to the situation. I really didnt know for sure until maybe two hours before it happened.

On if he thought there was a chance he might not come back to the Jets because of his tweet

I already thought there was no way that the Jets were interested. I figured with last years season and kind of how it went and this offseason, me rehabbing and getting after it and putting it out there on Twitter how good rehab was going, to not get a phone call or an invite to come in and work out and see what was going on, that was when I just mentally (thought), Alright, its not going to happen. Lets move on and get myself prepared for other situations. That was kind of when I was done with it. After the tweet, it was like, Yeah I burnt that bridge.

On if the Jets feel like home

First and foremost, I had good success here. We went to two AFC Championships. It was very fun times for the team, my family and myself. I feel like I came here and gave a lot to the organization in terms of myself and I feel like it was well received. I felt as though this was home. I feel like I know all of the people in administration, by name. I know their background. I know the janitors. I know Ronaldo. Im very cool with people here. I know everybody. It just feels like home and to leave it kind of hurts a little bit. Its kind of like leaving college. You miss college. Thats just kind of how it was.

On if he believes he will play Monday

I personally hope that I can go, that Im good to (play). I hope I can go, but just based on how its progressing, I think Ill be able to go on Monday just based on the progression I see. Once again, I dont have my (M.D.).

On if there was awkwardness when he saw Mike Tannenbaum

One thing about being here and like I said, the relationship that we developed here is that were all kind of goofy amongst each other. Everybody has a weird, funny or cool interaction. There actually wasnt a moment of awkwardness. It could have been, but the kind of relationship that we developed while I was here, is being open. I used to call him Mr. Tannenbaum (and he would say), No, Im Mike. Cracking jokes and them understanding them. There never was a moment of awkwardness. I met him for the first time, he was in the cafeteria yesterday, and I saw him and he was just as happy as me or so it seemed. The awkwardness wasnt there.

On what gives him confidence that he can be the same receiver he was last time he was here

Turn back the clock? Come on. Im 29 (years old). Next month is January, Ill acutally be 30 in February. I felt good this offseason after I had knee surgery in January and I rehabbed very hard down at the University of Miami. We got after it and I was in shape this year in training camp with Seattle and basically so far this season, with the exception of the last week and a half. I was in great shape. Im trying new things. I feel great. I wish I could have showed it more or had the chance to show it more, but now I do. I feel good. I feel like I still have the same speed. I feel like I still have the same strength, if not better. I still have that understanding of the game. Being in year eight, Ive seen a lot. Im ready. Youll get a chance to see when I get out there.

On if hes paid attention to the quarterback situation

Its kind of hard not to pay attention to it considering its surrounding. Ive had a chance to pay attention to it a little bit in terms of what ESPN said or what talk sports (radio) said or the comments youre hearing here and there. I havent had the chance to call Mark and say, Hey Mark, whats going on? I havent had the chance to talk to a player. Its basically just what ESPN says.

Source: New York Jets Media


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