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Jadeveon Clowney Says "The Hit" Created Unrealistic Expectations

South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney

It was the hit that sent shockwaves around the country, won an ESPY and earnedSouth Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowneyinstant notoriety.

In the 2013 Outback Bowl,withSouth Carolina trailing Michigan 22-21in the fourth quarter,Clowney, delivered a bone-crushing hit to Michigan running back Vincent Smith, a hit so ferocious that Smith's helmet went flying into the air.


"Coming into thenext season after the hit, people were talking about sitting out, and all of this, all of that, and a lot of people [were saying stuff] that was impossible, like 10 sacks a game, 30 tackles forlosses. Ya know, I knew that wasn't going to happen this year, of course, but a lot of people expected that. I'd just rather play my game, play hard, physical football like I was playing my last two years there."

The hit also sparked a debate about whether sophomores and even younger players should be allowed to enter the draft, or if they should be able tosit out a year in order to avoid injuries before the draft.Clowney said if he had theoption of turning pro then, "probably would."

Truth is,maybe he was ready to play in the NFL a little early, even if the NFLor his plane to the combineweren't. Clowney's flight from Columbia, S.C. was delayed, forcing him to drive to Charlotte, N.C. so he could arrive in Indianapolis Friday night.

But he hasn't let those obstaclesorsome criticismabout his work ethic from former coach Steve Spurrier deter him.

I dont really have nothing to say about it. That's just his opinion...I believe I did work hard. You pull out any practice tape from last year, youll see that...I'm always going to be working hard, no matter where I end up."



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