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J.J. Redick on Clippers, Starting Lineup and Free Agency Madness

Today, on the one-year anniversary of The David Baumann Show, J.J. Redick joined the program for a conversation about his new deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. Redick, who just hours earlier had signed a new contract with the Clippers, discussed his role with the Clips, the madness of free agency and the inaccuracy of reports surrounding the details of his new deal. "I was crossing my fingers and hoping and praying that this is where I ended up," Redick said.

Redick also discussed the potential of landing a spot in the starting lineup in Doc Rivers' rotation. "Jamal Crawford is already there off the bench. I think I'd have the chance to earn a starting spot," said Redick.

Several teams attempted to acquire Redick this offseason. "One of the teams that targeted me was Minnesota and I nearly went there," Redick said.

Redick, who was also the inaugural guest on The David Baumann Show, surprised listeners after he was about the details of the reported four-year, $27M contract with the Clippers. "It's safe to say I'll be making more than that," Redick said. He also noted that many were under a false impression he received $19M over three seasons, a contract that he originally signed with the Chicago Bulls, although he would not divulge exactly how much he earned from 2009-2012. "There wasn't a one or a nine in there... Beyond the max players, I would assume that most guys' contracts are inaccurate."He was asked about the circus surrounding Dwight Howard throughout the Free Agency period, to which Redick responded," I didn't really follow it because it didn't really affect me."

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