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Is Josh Freeman the Long Term Answer for the Bucs?

Earlier today in the morning , ?Eric Lopez ?and Chris Gros discussed if Josh Freeman is the long term answer for the Bucs?

Why you should listen : ?In Hour 1?, ?Eric Lopez and Chris Gros recap the Rays win over the Red Sox ?and where do the Rays rank in the American League among best teams? ? Lopez and Gros also discuss ?Alex Rodriguez vs Yankees and more.

?SportstalkFlorida ?Morning ?Hour 1 : July 25 ,2013

Why you should listen :??In Hour 2 , Eric Lopez and Chris Gros talk about Bill Belichick comments on Aaron Hernandez, Should the Bucs have signed Mike Williams to 6 year extention? Also we break down UCF schedule ?and expectations for upcoming season and more.

SportstalkFlorida ?Morning ?Hour 2 : July 25 ,2013

Why you should listen :?In the final hour of the show, Lopez talked to Brandon Mellor of Seminoles.com about the upcoming Noles season. Lopez and Gros talk BHSN's Ryan Bass about the Rays success in Boston, Bucs Training camp. Lopez and Gros talk about if Josh Freeman is the right guy long term for the Bucs?

SportstalkFlorida ?Morning ?Hour 3 : July 25 ,2013

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