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Insiders: MLB Postseason Predictions

The Sports Talk Florida Insiders make their 2012 MLB postseason predictions with commentary.

Tommy Rancel @TRancel - MLB Insider

Wild Card

Rangers over Orioles

Cardinals over Braves


Rangers over Yankees 3-1

Athletics over Tigers 3-2


Reds over Giants 3-1

Nationals over Cardinals 3-2


Athletics over Rangers 4-3


Nationals over Reds 4-2

World Series

Athletics over Nationals 4-2

Call me a homer, bitter, whatever, but I would take the Rays over this field of playoff teams. None of the remaining pitching staffs comes close to Tampa Bay top to bottom.

Gerardo Gonzalez @GGonzalezJr - Producer, Web Editor

Wild Card

Orioles over Rangers

Braves over Cardinals


Orioles over Yankees 3-2

Tigers over Athletics 3-0


Reds over Giants 3-2

Nationals over Braves 3-2


Detroit over Orioles 4-2


Reds over Nationals 4-2

World Series

Reds win World Series 4-3 over Detroit

This will be the most wide-open postseason in recent memory. Any one of these teams can win the World Series...except the one I predict. I never get it right. With that said, here is how it will play out.

Kris Dunn @DunnersDugout ? Rays Insider

NL Wild Card:

Atlanta wins this one tonight. Home field plus the hottest pitcher in the game. Chipper finds a way to extend his career.

AL Wild Card:

Texas in a rout. They have a chip on their shoulder and a significant advantage standing 60' 6" from the plate.

AL Divisional:

Detroit wins in 4. They host games 1 and 2 which should put them in position to sweep as they head west. Oakland takes game 3 before Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera lifts the Tigers to the ALCS.

New York wins in 5. The aging Yankees will be happy to be playing in such a hitter friendly park even on the road. This series will provide plenty of drama. Josh Hamilton will wear out his welcome in Texas.

NL Divisional:

The Reds have the talent but if Votto is not 100% it will be tough. Dat Dude BP will have a fantastic series but the pitching staff in SF is so good with furure-MVP Buster Posey behind the dish, Giants win in 5.

Braves get my vote in 4 games over Nationals. Every one of these games will be close but the loss of Strasburg puts a lot of weight on the rest of the pitching staff. It comes down to bullpens and Storen has been in and out of the closer role, I like Venters and Kimbrel to get the job done.


Detroit over NY in 6. Tigers will be fortunate to throw Verlander in Game 1 on the road, thus giving them an early advantage. The Yankees just can't keep up.


Braves over Giants in 7. So much to like in this series. Chippers swan song, Poseys MVP campaign etc... In the end Jason Heyward reminds us of a mid-90s Andruw Jones. Braves take the series, Heyward the NLCS MVP.

World Series:

Justin Verlander has been here before, never with an offense this good. The Tigers are solid all-around. The Braves are riding an emotional high, as they have been all post season. Kris Medlen has been lights out since joining the rotation. With home field advantage, the Braves rely on solid pitching, a breakout performance from Mike Minor, and veteran leadership, but they prevail in 6. Brian McCann wins MVP honors and Chipper Jones rides off into the sunset just as Tony LaRussa did last season, a World Series champion!

Eric Lopez @EricLopezELO - UCF Insider

Wild Card

Rangers over Orioles

Braves over Cardinals


Yankees over Rangers 3-2

Tigers over Athletics 3-1


Giants over Reds 3-1

Braves over Nationals 3-2


Tigers over Yankees 4-2


Giants over Braves 4-2

World Series

Giants over Tigers 4-2

Sticking to by my World Series pick from before the season started.


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