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Insider : Bowl Projections

In the final weekend of college football regular season? there are still questions? that still have to be resolved. Where will Florida, Florida State, UCF? go? bowling?? Who will play in Sunshine State Bowl games?? and who playing in the BCS Bowls?? I break down the scenarios? this weekend.

BCS? Title? Game?? -??? Notre? Dame??? vs ?Alabama

Scenario-? Winner of Bama-Georgia plays Notre Dame for the title. I am projecting Alabama? to defeat Georgia in SEC Title Game.

Orange? Bowl-??????? Louisville? vs ?Florida State

Scenario-? Kent State? has a chance to end up here if the win MAC Championship over Northern Illinois. Kent State needs a win and be in the top 16 of the BCS final rankings. They are currently 17th.? A win and losses by Texas and UCLA could do the trick? and bump Big East champ Louisville to Sugar Bowl.? I am projecting Kent State to lose to Northern llinois? and Florida State to defeat Georgia Tech.

Sugar? Bowl? -???? Florida?? vs Oklahoma

Scenario-?? The Gators are all but a? lock for Sugar Bowl?? and? all indications are? that Oklahoma will end up here even if they win the Big 12 title? as there are reports that the Sooners want to go to Sugar instead of Fiesta Bowl? where the Sooners have been there often recently.? If Kent State qualifies for BCS? could bump Oklahoma out of the BCS completely and drop them to the Cotton Bowl. Should the Sooners lose to TCU on Saturday could also? cause the Sooners to drop to the Cotton Bowl. We are projecting the Sooners to take care of TCU.

Fiesta Bowl -?? Oregon? vs Kansas State

Scenario-? Oregon? should be lock as an At-Large? team? while Kansas State would clinch the berth to Fiesta Bowl with a win over Texas on Saturday. A loss by Kansas State and win by Oklahoma means the Sooners win the Big 12 and could? end up here. But the Sooners do not want to return to the state of Arizona? so the Wild Cats may end up here even with a loss. We are projecting a Kansas State win over Texas.

Rose Bowl -?? Stanford? vs? Nebraska

Scenario-? Its simple winner of Pac 12 title game? Stanford/UCLA and winner of Big 10 title game between Wisconsin/Nebraska? will end up in Pasedena.

Capital One Bowl? (Orlando)?? -?? Michigan? vs? Texas AM

Scenario-? Big 10? vs SEC? matchup? here, Michigan all but a lock to end up in Orlando as its most attractive choice out of the Big 10. SEC? was first thought? to be the loser of Alabama-Georgia? would end up in Orlando, however? there a strong push? to bring in Texas AM and possibly the soon to be?Heisman Trophy winner? quarterback Johnny Manziel? and the buzz?? that is around the Aggies? to Orlando. We will project that Georgia-Alabama will get passed by Texas AM and Johnny Football.

Outback? Bowl? (Tampa)?? -???Northwestern? vs? South Carolina

Scenario-? This is where it gets very tricky,? If Alabama defeats? Georgia,? South Carolina more then likely ends up in Tampa with Mississippi State and Vanderbilt in the mix.? If Georgia defeats Alabama, look for LSU to end up in Tampa.? Tampa will have to pick between Wisconsin/Nebraska loser? ?and Northwestern? for this spot. We project Tampa? to go with the Wildcats .

Gator? Bowl (Jacksonville) -? Wisconsin? vs Vanderbilt

Scenario-? Just like scenaro above, Gator Bowl will pick who ever Tampa does not pick between South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State. Jacksonville would love to have Steve Spurrier in Jacksonville and the Gamecocks may prefer to go to Jacksonville instead of a trip to Tampa which they have done previously. If South Carolina is off the board, then the Gator Bowl will pick between Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. I project Vanderbilt who had better season and is more excited to travel to a bowl game then the Bulldogs.

Chick-Fil - A Bowl? (Atlanta)???-?? Clemson vs Georgia

Scenario-? Clemson lock to be in Atlanta?? especially with potential matchup with Georgia looming if Georgia loses to Alabama. The question is though what if FSU loses to Georgia Tech? does Atlanta take the Seminoles here and Clemson drop to Orlando? for Russell Athletic Bowl?? or does Atlanta still pick Clemson and the Seminoles drop to Orlando for second straight season? or do the Noles drop to El Paso for the Sun Bowl??Also? if? Georgia defeats Alabama? , who ends up in Atlanta?? LSU, South Carolina?,Mississippi State,??all join? the mix? at that point with the edge? to LSU.

Russell Athletic? Bowl (Orlando) Dec 29-??? Rutgers vs Virginia Tech

Scenario- Rutgers? will be in Orlando following the loss to Louisville. Va Tech would be the choice here assuming the Noles win the ACC title. Should the Noles lose to Georgia Tech, then FSU may end up back in Orlando for the 2nd straight season or? Clemson may be here if FSU ends up in Atlanta.


Beef O Brady? Bowl? (St Pete)? -? East? Carolina? vs? Middle Tennessee

Scenario-? If UCF loses to Tulsa on Saturday, the Knights will end up here, but I am projecting UCF to defeat Tulsa. if? Pittsburgh and Connecticut? win this weekend, then the Big East would be able to fill all the bowl game slots including? this game. In that scenario, Pittsburgh? would be the team to come to St Pete.? I am projecting Connecticut to lose this weekend? which would mean Beef O Brady? would pick an At Large? more then likely either from Sun Belt or MAC conference. I am projecting Middle Tenn to lose to Arkansas State in defacto Sun Belt title game and end up here? with La-Monroe, Arkansas State as options as well.

Liberty? Bowl (Memphis)-?????? UCF vs Arkansas State

Scenario-? This was supposed to be SEC vs CUSA champ? game but the SEC will not have all bowl slots filled and under contract this year? the CompassBowl in Birmingham will get the SEC team before Liberty which opens up the slot.? Word out of Memphis is that the Sun Belt Champion ends up here? which I project to be Arkansas State to play the UCF/Tulsa winner. La-Monroe could also slip in here as well as team from the MAC.












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