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Howard Is Willing to Fight in UFC; for a Price...

Lakers_Dwight_Howard_2013Dwight Howard may be making a quick venue change: From the basketball court to the UFC Octagon. During a backstage visit at a UFC fight in Houston, the Rockets? big man told UFC president Dana White recently that he?d be willing to go into the cage ? for $10 million.

?I would get up there and fight. If I get knocked out, I get knocked out,? Howard said. ?I?ll get back up one day.?

White immediately interjected. ?I want to do that pay-per-view when you?re ready, man,? he said.

Howard?s Rockets? teammate Chandler Parsons said he?d do the fight for $10 million but didn?t think it would go that well.

?I would literally f? die,? he said.

Source: Nina Mandell, For The Win


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