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Gregg Popovich Talks Government Shutdown

Spurs_Gregg_Popovich_2013Gregg Popovich pregame interviews can be fascinating. Most of the time they are banal (like all coach pregame interviews, frankly), or occasionally hes already in curmudgeon mode.

Then there are the moments when he is talkative, funny and you get a little glimpse of the Popovich his players and friends rave about. Apparently he was in that place before the Spurs played the Nuggets Monday, when Matt Moore of CBSs Eye on Basketball asked him if he has talked about the government shutdown with his players.

In what is a deeply political issue, Popovich sounded the populist tone of a pox on both their houses in a well spoken way.

We talk about a lot of things with the team. We havent gotten really specific with the shutdown Most foreigners think were pretty silly, and theyre correct. Its children fighting over their toys, so to speak. Its got nothing to do with the public or whats good for the country. Its about winning and losing, and that doesnt do any of us much good. Hopefully theyre going to get to some sort of agreement in the next couple of days that might be good for the American people."

Source: Kurt Helin, NBC Sports


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