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Greg Schiano: Defense Vs. Offense Sunday

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media Friday for the last time before Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints.

(Opening statement)

Short yardage, goal line [today], go through and review some team script stuff it was a good work out. I want to congratulate [wide receiver] Vincent Jackson who was named Buccaneer Man of the Year. Quite an honor for everything he does. Ive often said hes the epitome of what we look for in a Buccaneer player. [He] cares about his teammates, practices incredibly hard, he is truly committed to this community with all the things he does. Were awfully proud of him. Injury-wise, [linebacker] Dekoda [Watson] did not practice, [linebacker] KaLial Gaud was limited, and [safety] Mark Barron was limited. Everybody else I believe was full.

(On if anyone will be listed as out on the injury report)

Well see. When youre questionable well figure it out.

(On having to play backups with the injuries at linebacker)

Thats all you can do. Hopefully, whether KaLial or Dekoda can go, Danny [Lansanah can] and thats what weve got. Well figure it out as we roll.

(On how the linebacker injuries will affect the team)

It hurts you on special teams and it can hurt theyre about, I dont know, when you look at them, somewhere between 45 and 55 percent youll be playing three linebacker schemes depending on what they choose to do. Theres a significant amount of three linebacker defenses well play.

(On New Orleans offense having a variety of options)

I think more than that, its by design. They have more personnel groups than any teams we play all season long. Youre talking about different combinations exceeding 15 different personnel groups. You can see that, when you sift through and unpeel the onion, over and over again and layer after layer, theres a method to the madness and they have a quarterback who reads things out better than anybody in the league. Thats why the ball gets distributed to all those different guys. By putting him in there you give him an opportunity to make plays and then by reading it out, not just locking on a guy, they get the ball when the ball is supposed to go to them.

(On New Orleans head coach Sean Payton and the New Orleans offense)

Theyre very well-coached and Sean is a very aggressive play-caller. It doesnt mean that hes haphazard or that hes reckless, hes just aggressive and hes going to push the ball down the field, but he has the patience to run the ball as well. Thats a rare combination and I think thats what makes him so dangerous. No. 9 [New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees] makes him pretty dangerous too.

(On what Tampa Bays defense did well against New Orleans in the teams Week 2 matchup)

We took the ball away and we intercepted [Saints quarterback] Drew Brees [two] times, that doesnt happen very often. Again, takeaways, we need to take the ball away right now, as a team thats how we have an opportunity to win games. Youd like it not have to be that way but thats the way it is right now so thats how we go.

(On the improvement in New Orleans defense under defensive coordinator Rob Ryan)

Well Rob is an excellent coach, theres no doubt about it. He knows what he wants to do, hes very clear. I know guys that are on our staff who have worked with Rob, hes a very good teacher. Theyve also added some personnel, they added at the corner position, they added at the safety position. All those things usually amount to being improved. But youre right, it was a significant improvement from [2012] to [2013].

Source: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media


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