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Glen Davis Has Lost A Lot of Weight

glen_davis_2013NEW YORK On Friday night, Orlando Magic forward Glen ``Big Baby Davis will return to Madison Square Garden site of the worst injury of his basketball career as a different man.

Make that much less of a man and thats a very good thing in Davis case.

Fresh off a spectacular 33-point effort spread over 50 minutes Tuesday in Philadelphia, Davis will take the Madison Square Garden court Friday night as slim as hes been in, well, almost a lifetime.

``Eighth grade. Yeah, really, its the lightest Ive been since the eighth grade, said Davis, seemingly shocked himself. ``This time its consistent (with the weight loss). There have been times when Ive lost a lot of weight, but Id just gain it right back. But as far as consistently staying at this weight and staying down, its been since the eighth grade when I was this thin.

Source: John Denton, nba.com/magic


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