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Giants Jay Bromley Excited To Play For The Home Team

The New York Giants third round draft pick and former Syracuse DT Jay Bromley spoke to the media Saturday.

Q: Congratulations.

A: Thank you.

Q: How surprised were you when your phone rang and you were told it was the Giants on the line?

A: I thought they were joking, to be honest. I was in the grocery store, I thought they were joking.

Q: Obviously you werent sitting at that moment expecting for the phone to ring. What was your night like? When did you think you might get a call?

A: Honestly, I didnt think I was going to go today. I was just expecting, like everybody else, trying to see how many people in my position went in the second and third round and seeing how everything fell. I didnt expect the call at all tonight.

Q: So how long did it take you to realize that it actually was the Giants on the line?

A: When I talked to Coach Coughlin and it was just surreal, it was like, Man, this is really happening right now. This is why I worked so hard. Its just amazing.

Q: I would guess this was the number one choice for you, is that correct?

A: Oh, the home team, my favorite team. Its crazy, this is my favorite team Big Blue. And then I get picked by them, thats crazy. Its amazing.

Q: What were you doing tonight? What were your plans? Youre in a grocery store at 10 oclock at night.

A: I was at the grocery story with my girlfriend getting some juice and getting a movie from RedBox. Im about to get the movie from RedBox and its like, Oh, man.

Q: Who called you and what did they say? What was your response to them at that point?

A: At first it was the Giants scout before he gave me over to Coach Coughlin. He was just like, Is this Jay Bromley? and I was like, Yeah, this is Jay. He said, Im a scout for the New York Giants and I was like, Yeah this is Jay. He was like, Im calling you because were about to pick you. I was like, No, youre lying. He said, No, were not joking. I said, Oh, this is crazy. He said, Let me get you over to Coach Coughlin, and he was just like, Just get ready to come in and get to work. Im just like, Im ready.

Q: You said you went to RedBox to get a movie, has the movie night been put on hold a little bit?

A: Oh man, the movies been completely put on hold. The movies an afterthought now, to be completely honest.

Q: What movie did you end up choosing?

A: I think we were going to watch Gravity.

Q: They talked about you putting on weight, adding more muscle, maybe even getting up to 315, 320. What did you play at last year? What do you feel most comfortable playing and what do you think about getting up to that weight? How hard would that be for you?

A: I played at 296 last year during the season then I played at 307 during the all-star game. As long as I make sure I get in good condition and make sure I put on more muscle than fat and I can still keep my quickness, add some flexibility, I dont know, maybe 315 might be a good weight for me, maybe not. Ill just have to wait and see.

Q: What do you view as your strengths as a player? Obviously the sack number pops out. What do you view as some of your top skills?

A: Getting to the quarterback. Its really fun to me to rush the passer, to learn different moves and to try different moves to get to the quarterback. I feel like thats an asset that I bring to the team, just getting in the backfield. If Im not sacking the quarterback, just disrupting the pocket a little bit.

Q: You obviously said you werent expecting to get drafted today. Where did you expect to get drafted? What kind of stuff were you hearing even though you ended up being a third-round pick?

A: Im one of those guys that think in the worst-case scenario, so I didnt expect to be drafted. I heard four to six, but the way the draft works, players start going and its just a whole bunch of sliding scales that I didnt understand, so I just thought of the worst-case scenario going tomorrow at the earliest.

Q: What were your plans for tomorrow? Did you plan on that being your draft day or were you going to do your thing tomorrow also the same way?

A: I did plan on that being my draft day. I graduate tomorrow at 4 p.m. so I was just expecting everything, just to get up tomorrow and do the graduation and then the draft in my head as well, just waiting for it.

Q: Coach Coughlin said he heard a lot of screaming when he was talking to you as well. Who was that and what was their reaction?

A: I was with my girlfriend and my teammate and a couple other people I go to Syracuse with and I got the call and I was like, no. I hit them on the shoulder and was like, Bro, this cant be. I was like, No, no. Coughlin started talking and I was like, Man, this is real. Everybody started going crazy. It was just a dream come true.

Q: Have you spoken to Ryan Nassib or to Justin Pugh about the Giants yet?

A: I havent. I look forward to talking to these guys, get to go to a team Im familiar with the boys I know. I cant wait.

Q: Obviously youre a Giants fan, you know about the legacy here on the defensive line. What does it mean to now be a part of that?

A: Thats the thing. The defensive line, thats why I love the Giants. The defensive line back with Osi and Strahan and its like, Man, I grew up watching that. When they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl with the sacks they got and with the pressure, its just so exciting because I love to sack the quarterback and its like thats what they do.

Q: Youre graduating tomorrow, have they given you any idea of when youre going to be heading down here to the facility?

A: They told me that we start on Monday and I graduate tomorrow. I dont know how soon Ill be there; probably the latest will be Sunday. Then we get things going from there.

Source: New York Giants Media


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