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Giants Eli Manning On O-line Getting Need Reps

New York Giants QB Eli Manning spoke to the media Thursday afternoon about Terrel Thomas, Henry Hynoski and preparing for the regular season.

A: totally smooth and everything going well because youre already trying new things. Youre experimenting and youre working on things, but Ive been pleased with the focus and the energy and the enthusiasm from the guys and hopefully we can continue that. Keep improving throughout the season. Its not like training camp comes and thats as good as youre going to be. Youre going to keep getting better each and every week.

Q: I know he wasnt out there today practicing, but Hynoski coming off PUP, how big of a move is that for you guys offensively considering its been a while since hes been out there?

A: Yeah. Obviously Henry is a big part of our offense in our running game and knows the offense well. Knows the pass protections. He does a great job. Bears been filling that role and, again, Bear has been here a long time and knows the offense very well and does a very good job in knowing everything. We feel like we can run our offense smoothly with whoevers in there.

Q: Tom just said that Henry does have that special quality because he can do things that other guys cant at that position. What is that from your perspective? What can he bring to this offense?

A: In our run game, hes a lead blocker. In pass protection, he does a good job picking up linebackers and blitzers. He does a good job getting into his routes as well and catching the ball on the flat and giving us some plays. He just has a good feel when to do the little things, when to chip as youre getting out, and has a great understanding of the offense.

Q: What do you think about Terrell Thomas? Hes missed the last two seasons with ACLs and tomorrow hes coming back?

A: Im excited for him and seeing him rehab and go through this, its been tough. Hated it for him last year to see him get injured because I know he worked so hard to make a comeback. Hopefully, he can stay healthy. Im rooting for him and hes a tremendous player and Im just pleased to see him out on the field, competing and playing at a high level.

Q: What have you seen of your own defensive backs? This might be the deepest group you guys have had?

A: Yeah. Its a challenge every day. Its great for our receivers to go against a good group of guys. Everybodys a little different. Some of them are speed guys, some of them are bigger, more physical, guys. Youre getting a lot of different looks and a lot of different techniques and its great for our passing game, for us to get work against a quality group.

Q: Your offensive line has been juggled twice in the last two days. How eager and how curious are you to see them get in this game action and get a lot of snaps?

A: Yeah, I think you have to try to find the positives in everything when youre moving guys around. You want guys who are very versatile and can play different spots. Through the course of the season youre going to have guys in and out a little bit. Youre going to have some injuries and guys are going to have to step in and fill those roles. Were going to get a lot of work and I think it will be a great test for these guys. The Jets are a talented defense and show a number of looks and were all going to have to be on the same page in knowing who were blocking. Block the guys well, so we can run our offense successfully.

Q: You dont want to get used to throwing to someone in the slot other than Victor, Im sure, but until hes back, have you been kind of waiting for Jerrel Jernigan, like everyone else has, to kind of show you what they were thinking when they drafted him?

A: Yeah, Jerrel has worked hard and hes showed some promising days where he does a lot of good things. Hes got good quickness. I think its been good for him to obviously watch Victor and how he does some of the things and makes good decisions in the slot. Im excited about him tomorrow and hopefully he can have a good day for us. Again, the more weapons you can have on offense in moving different guys around and getting them in mismatches, the better off well be.

Q: Do you think he can be one?

A: I hope so. I think he has the skill level to go out there with great quickness and speed and is making good decisions and route running. We should be able to run our offense very efficiently with him out there.

Q: Do you trust him? You have to trust the guy especially in the slot.

A: Yeah, I think obviously weve done some work, but game time is the best thing you can get for a receiver who you have limited playing time with. You have to get him in live action. See what he can do and get open and make some plays for us.

Q: Are you surprised with how quiet things have been? I mean this is Giants-Jets. Last couple of years theres been a lot of buzz about that game.

A: Its always a big game. Most times its the third preseason game. The starters are going to play a bunch. Its an important game for us to go out there and try to play well and well try to do that against a good team.

Q: They are starting a rookie quarterback. Its been a long time for you, but do you feel a little bit for a rookie trying to process everything so quickly going into his first start?

A: Yeah. We have a rookie quarterback also. Ive been working with him and this week things seem simple and all of a sudden, its Jet week and you get a lot of different looks in their personnel and alignments. For the rookies theres a lot going on and a lot of things can get blended in together. You just try to work with them and teach them and get some plays that they feel comfortable with and get them in a good rhythm.

Q: Do you have to make any adjustments with a different center?

A: No, Jimmys (Cordle) done a good job and got a good number of snaps with him this spring, with Baas being out. I feel comfortable getting the snaps and he has a great knowledge of the offense in making the calls. I never really had to make any adjustments.

Source: New York Giants Media


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