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Giants David Diehl Injury Update

New York Giants tackle David Diehl spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon after practice and updated his injury status.

Q: What happened to your hand?

A: I got hurt during the game, but Ill be all right.

Q: Is it broken?

A: No.

Q: Youve had some ups and downs during training camp. How are you feeling right now?

A: Good. Feeling good. Ready to go and ready to get back out for this practice and get back at it; ready to get technique down and stuff like that. You know, obviously, the game wasn't played the best that we could, not only as a group but offensively as an offensive line, could be me personally myself, but I know Im going to come out here and work. You know, the corrections are there to be made, its not- Im sure Im going to hear, because its old and I got beat because Im old and I lost a step and all those things, but everything on film are all correctable techniques. The sack that I got beat on, I should have recognized the protection scheme and the adjustments that they made on that, I stepped too flat, so Im going to come out here, Im going to do 100 sets if Ive got to get that corrected. The other thing I work on, my hand placement, and those types of things, and do whatever I need to do to make those corrections heading out of this preseason game so that were ready for the Jets. I mean, thats what preseason is for. Dont get me wrong, theres a sense of urgency to get things right, but in no way shape or form are we panicking, thinking that the ships on fire and jump off board.

Q: Is there anything you can do now, training wise, that you can transfer into football at this point or is it just-

A: No, I mean I think weve done all that since January, so its all about improving technique, working on those things, and like I said, those are the second snaps of live work against another team since January. I mean, there are going to be corrections that need to be made, there are things that youre going to have to work on to fix things going forward and thats the point of preseason. Preseason games arent going to make the difference of whether you make the playoffs or not, but what its going to do is show the improvements that you need to make week in and week out to get ready for that first game, so were ready to go, were ready to practice, were ready to come out here and get things right and thats all we can do.

Q: Are you going to be able to play with the hand?

A: Ive played through everything once before already, so.

Q: Will you have to wear the cast for a while?

A: I dont know, well see.

Q: How do you feel compared to last year health-wise?

A: I feel 100 times better, 100 times better.

Q: You mentioned that people might say you are getting old, but do you feel like youre being unfairly scrutinized?

A: No, I mean everybody has a reason to pinpoint things and pick things out. Obviously, Im going to get a lot more attention like I always did going into this training camp anyways, but you expect it, thats part of football, so when you make mistakes people are going to criticize you for it, thats the job that were in and thats the job that we chose. Im not sitting here hiding from anything. Im not ever going to hide from anything, like I said, I know I need to make the improvements, the whole entire team needs to make improvements, otherwise, we would have won that last game, and we didnt. We had some big drives, we got down in the green zone, weve got to come up with touchdowns, we cant settle for field goals and that's- you know, figure we get those two opening drives, we take those all the way down to the green zone, we have seven play drives we put two touchdowns on the board, its 14-0 and youre looking at a completely different ball game, so those are the things that you think about long term, so Im ready to go, Im ready to practice, Im ready to come out here and make the improvements I need to make.

Q: Respectfully asking you this, youve been in this league a long time, seen everything, for you to make a mental mistake like you say you were flat on the pass protection-

A: It wasnt a mental error, it was a technique flaw. I didnt make the wrong blocking scheme, it was the angle that I took that pursued it.

Q: youre beyond that.

A: Thats the thing, but like I said, thats the point of preseason, is that you learn those things, you map those things out now, and like I said, Im going to come out here and Ill take 100 sets to make sure that I do it right and that it never happens again. I mean thats the point of practicing, thats the point of going through these games is getting yourself right.

Q: What about the weight, are you happy with that, do you think you need to add it back?

A: No, Ive added some back, I feel good.

Q: When you look at the injuries you guys are already suffering just with David Baas, yourself, Cruz, how do you balance trying to get better and improve throughout the preseason with just making it through healthy at this point?

A: Work. I mean, thats the only way you can. Obviously you work smart, but well be out here practicing, doing everything we always do. Were ready to go, were ready to improve, and thats part of football. Theres going to be ups and downs, theres injuries, thats the sport that we chose. But I know the group that weve got, I know our coaches, that were going to rally around, were going to work to improve and it starts right here on the practice field and breaking things down. Were going to get ready here to start introducing the Jets and everything. Ill tell you what guys, were excited. Guys were here yesterday on their day off, watching the game film, watching everything, and were all doing the same thing because we want to come back out here today and get things right.

Source: New York Giants Media


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