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Giants Coughlin On Ray Lewis And The Ravens

New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin spoke with the media Friday about the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Q: Did Ahmad Bradshaw practice?

A: Bradshaw practiced, yeah.

Q: Are you encouraged for this weekend?

A: I am.

Q: How did he look out there?

A: He looked okay.

Q: If hes able to play, how much does his leadership mean to this team?

A: His energy and his fire is, I think, a very important factor.

Q: Do you have a bigger playbook if Ahmad is available compared to just David Wilson and the new guys?

A: The playbook is the same. The game plan is the same. The game is the same; its just how its utilized when you have the veteran versus a guy whos just been here a couple weeks, a rookie.

Q: Justin Tuck is questionable; do you feel good about him playing?

A: Were going to have to wait and see on that one.

Q: You were hopeful yesterday that he would practice:

A: I was.

Q: What happened today?

A: Nothing. They (medical staff) didnt think he should be able to go.

Q: Has Bradshaw been medically cleared to play?

A: I think he has, provided the progress is continuous. We have tomorrow and we have Sunday afternoon. Theyre very hopeful as well.

Q: Have you been pleased with the way David Wilson has approached being a pro?

A: Hes a young guy who has great energy. Hes tried to figure it out. Hell get there, hell get there.

Q: How did Prince Amukamara look today?

A: He did okay; I think he did pretty good each day.

Q: Did you think Bradshaw would take longer to come back from a sprained knee?

A: Am I surprised? No. Did I speculate the length of time? No. If I did, I wouldve been on the short-end, knowing him.

Re: low number of sacks allowed by the offense this season

A: It is a unit. Its a full unit. It takes all eleven to accomplish anything like that. You have to have great communication. You have veterans up there that have done this for quite a few years. You have a new tight end in the system thats had to learn and come along. You have the changing of protections and the backs doing a good job with that. Its a full unit. Then, you also have to add in when you arent protected, that people do a good job recognizing and sight/hot-adjustments have to be proper. Weve done a pretty good job of that as well. The quarterback has a great deal to do with that because not only does he have the ability to change what hes in in terms of the protection, but he also gets the ball out of his hand.

Q: How important are the big plays for your offense to properly work?

A: Its very important, but its also the threat of it thats very important. The numbers are down a little bit and theres pretty good reasons for that.

Q: Are you going to ask/look for any of the earlier results when you guys take the field at 4:25?

A: No. We just have to take care of our own business. Thats where I am.

Q: Is it easier to prepare for a team with only one main running back in Ray Rice?

A: No, but thats who you set your plan for. I dont look at it that way.

Q: If Tuck cant go, does Adrian Tracy get some more snaps on Sunday?

A: Well have to see on that one.

Q: Did he injure himself today?

A: Who?

Q: Tracy:

A: No.

Q: Are you expecting Ray Lewis to play this week?

A: I would expect that he would be made active. Thats what I anticipated. Its not my call, but thats what I thought.

Q: Have you prepped for him?

A: Yes, I think so. Weve talked about it.

Q: How did Kenny Phillips look today?

A: He looked okay.

Q: How dangerous is it to play a team thats on a three-game losing streak?

A: Im concerned about our team. Im concerned about our team. We have to bring our A-game.

Q: When you make adjustments to your rush-defense, why do you think those adjustments really havent translated as well?

A: This question has been asked 9,000 times and Ive answered it 9,000 times and it will probably take an offseason to maybe analyze it even further. I think the first thing you do on defense is stop the run. If you stop the run, I think you rush the passer pretty well.

Q: Did you see what you expected from David Baas and Chris Snee today?

A: Well, I think we saw them on the practice field and taking reps; how they are this afternoon, tomorrow morning, lets hope theres continuous improvement.

Source: New York Giants Media


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