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Former Bucs WR Maurice Stovall Arrested in Style

It's been a roughlast few days for Bucs alumni in Pasco County. First Chartric Darby gets arrested after a domestic altercation with his wife. Now this -- Maurice Stovall.

The former Bucs wideout, who played for Tampa Bay from 2006 to 2010, was arrested Monday for driving with a suspended license, as first reported by the Tampa Bay Times.

Stovall failed to pay several traffic tickets, which is why his license was suspended in the first place.

But the most interesting thing about it -- he was pulled over in apink Land Rover.

Now, failure to pay traffic tickets is never cool, and neither is driving with a suspended license, but Stovall's signature Ralph Lauren attire always had me convinced he was one of the most stylish players in the Buccaneers locker room.

His choice of vehicle and the dazzling smile in his mug only reaffirmsit.


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