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Former Bolts Captain St. Louis Still Annoys Lightning, Fans

Let it be known, Martin St. Louis is omniscient. He knows everything, knows the future and knows whats going to happen to the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Final against the Los Angeles Kings.

He has to be right? Its why he demanded a trade, with no explanation, from a team who made him the captain. Not only did they make him the captain, but they also rented out St. Petersburgs Mahaffey Theater to do it. Steven Stamkos must be jealous, as all he got was a letter on his sweater, but back to St. Louis.

During media day, right before Game One, St. Louis decided to let everyone know that he hitched his cart to the right horse so to speak.

I made the move thinking about this opportunity, to play in the Stanley Cup Final, St. Louis told members of the media.

So did you happen to bet on blue Marty and cash in big with the odds makers in Las Vegas?

The truth is St. Louis didnt know what the Rangers were going to do and all of his quotes are in hindsight and annoying for Bolts fans. What they really do is serve as a way for St. Louis to degrade the play of his former teammates even further, and thats a sad thing to say about the former heart and soul player who was the face of the Lightning franchise. Its also a lie as the Bolts were actually in a better spot than the Rangers, who were fighting for their playoff lives. Its puzzling how St. Louisgot the opportunity to play for the Stanley Cup, when the team he currently was on had the same opportunity.

It isnt. Its time for St. Louis to be real with himself and everyone else and admit he didnt want to have that opportunity in Tampa. He wanted out. Thats it, plain and simple. He didnt like being left off Team Canada, again. He couldnt trust Steve Yzerman. All of those are reasons, albeit negative ones, that would justify him leaving the way he left.

What he is doing now is just crass and disrespectful, even if he doesnt see it. He signed a deal in 2009 to be a part of the Lightning organization for five more years, and it wasnt at a cheap five years either as it was $5 million plus. If he had retired before that, the team would have faced a severe recapture penalty after the latest CBA came out. He made a commitment and then backed out when things didn't go his way.

Marty St. Louis didnt know if the Rangers were going to make the playoffs or even the Final when he asked for a trade. There were other teams that could have made the playoffs such as the Los Angeles Kings. Not only that, but when the playoffs start, anything goes. The Rangers didnt face Steve Mason for most of the Philadelphia Flyers series and then they faced an erratic Pittsburgh Penguins team, who have forgotten how to win in the post season. To top it off, they faced a Montreal Team sans Carey Price who looked beat down. Yeah, they had a bit of good luck to get to where they were at, and truth be told St. Louis didnt know that March 1st.

Actually when he was traded, the idea of making the Final wasnt wasnt why he wanted to be traded. According to a statement released by the Lightning it was about his family:

"In the end this is a decision for my family. I respect the fact that many of you do not agree with my decision and are angry with it. All I really can say is that I am sorry and I am very appreciative of the support you have shown me through the years."

Heres the deal St. Louis, why dont you own the fact that you wanted out to play for a team not ran by Steve Yzerman. Why dont you admit you wanted to play for a better team from the start instead of feeding Lightning fans this garbage about family, which played into it for sure, but now its all about winning a Cup.

Maybe St. Louis should listen to the old phrase of stop while youre ahead because all he is doing is disrespecting the fans who believed in him for 14 years and more importantly his former teammates who looked up and respected him.

Because the Lightning had a shot at the Cup too, at least thats what the standings say.


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