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Fantasy Baseball: Soppe’s Stat Rant

By Kyle Soppe

[Editor’s Note: We are pleased to welcome Kyle Soppe to the staff of RotoExperts.com. Kyle mines overlooked statistical nuggets about Fantasy Baseball, Football and Basketball to provide insights that are both informative and entertaining. TM]

Information is everywhere. Player A’s batting average? Common knowledge. Player B’s BABIP? Memorized by 70 percent of the Fantasy community and mentioned on nearly every primary Fantasy Baseball outlet. Play C’s career trajectory? Please. My girlfriend told me that she’s worried about Felix Hernandez’ pitch count yesterday … just before she asked me why players are required to “walk” to first base after the fourth pitch that is “difficult to hit.” Information is not hard to find, new information is. A new lens to look through could provide you with the insight it takes to separate yourself from your competition.

Whatya say we work on winning you a title via some unique statistics that no one else in your league has? Here is my patent “Stat Rant,” where one-of-a-kind statistics drip from my pen like water from a faucet.